Tech Tips: Endorsement, Slip, and Validation Printing

Posted October 17, 2014

2014-10-17_1619The standard thermal receipt printer that populates most POS checkout lanes today is a single function device for making simple receipts. While this may fill the needs of a basic POS system, there are several types of additional printing that some printers can do for applications that need to also print on checks, return slips, prescriptions or other types of documentation.

The multi-function printers come in a variety of sizes and types with essentially 3 additional types of printing beyond the standard receipt printer.


When a printer has slip printing capabilities is has additional impact-based printhead and what is commonly called a slip deck.  The slip deck is an opening at the front of the printer that allows you to insert checks or other forms for additional printing. Checks are the most application for endorsement as you can print on the front of the check, remove the check, flip it over, insert the check for the second time, then print on the back of the check. Depending on the size of the slip deck other forms outside of check could be printed on for any application.


Endorsement printing is essentially the same as slip printing but with these printers there is an additional impact printhead to allow for simultaneous printing of both the front and pack of a form. Ideal for checks as information regarding who the check is to be issued to and the amount to be paid could be printed on the front of the check while the deposit information is printed on the back.


This printing option still allows printing on a form/check but instead of the typical slip deck, there is an opening only at the top of the printer and paper is feed from the top and then ejected from t he same slot. Validation is not the same as endorsement printing but for simple check printing is is as simpler, cost effective option.

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