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Introducing the Zebra VC8300 Vehicle-Mounted Computer, Designed for the Most Extreme Environments

Posted August 31, 2021

zebra vc8300 vehicle mounted computer on forklift being used by order picker

Extreme environments won’t hinder your operations with Zebra’s VC8300 vehicle-mounted computer. With an ultra-rugged design, the device withstands just about anything a warehouse. 

Zebra’s VC8300 is the ultimate ultra-rugged Android vehicle-mounted computer with both keyboard and touchscreen capabilities. The VC8300 can go everywhere your operators need to go, inside the warehouse, out in the yard, on the loading dock, and even in the freezer. With the VC8300, you can re-use all of your existing accessories, minimizing the cost to upgrade. Its 8-inch display provides plenty of space for graphics-intensive, interactive applications, while best-in-class display resolution and brightness ensure easy viewing in any lighting condition. 

Since the same platform is shared with Zebra’s rugged handheld and wearable mobile devices, any worker can use any device with practically no training, providing the flexibility to deploy and redeploy workers to address changing workloads.

Zebra Technologies designs products to support a variety of industrial business needs. The VC8300 drives productivity with:

  • Android Migration Simplicity – Run your Terminal Emulation (TE) apps, right out of the box.
  • Advanced WiFi Technologies  – Extended WiFi range and Bluetooth 5.0 with twice the speed.
  • Ultimate Flexibility and Convenience – Mount in virtually any material handling vehicle and adjust on the spot
  • Ultimate Ultra-Rugged Design – Ready for all environments, including extreme cold or heat and easy to hear in even the loudest environments.

Once you realize the power of the VC8300, you won’t turn back.

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Rugged, versatile, and adaptable, Zebra delivers high performance vehicle-mounted computers to withstand any warehouse environment. Contact us today to see how you can bring a new level of mobility to your growing business.

Shift your Workflow into High Gear

Posted November 25, 2019
Worker using the Honeywell VM1A vehicle mounted computer for inventory check on a forklift

Forklifts have evolved from being a shipment handling vehicle into an information-technology platforms that leverage computers, barcode scanners, printers and more to optimize workflow. Elevate your manufacturing operations with integrated vehicle solutions. It is proven that vehicle mounted computing provides a lot of benefits in the warehouse, such as:

Honeywell's New VM1A vehicle mounted mobile computer for forklifts
  • Optimize order fulfillment rates
  • Real time inventory tracking
  • Data collection to assist with shipment information
  • Drive workflow productivity
  • Streamline operations while reducing labor costs

Shift your workflow into high gear and drive productivity with the Honeywell Thor VM1A vehicle mount computer in your manufacturing facilities. It is built for all-day productivity with a fast processor and 8 inch touch display that can keep data readily accessible. Mount on your forklift and keep up with inventory replenishment, outgoing orders, and workforce. Built to withstand extreme temperatures and rugged conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Available with optional screen defroster for use in cold storage and freezer environments.


  • Processor: 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core
  • Operating System: Android 8 (Oreo), upgradable through Android R
  • 8 inch display with full 64-key QWERTY keyboard with number pad
  • WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity
  • IP 66 seals out moisture and particle intrusion
  • Smart Dock enables mounting and removal in seconds
  • Field replaceable front panel to quicken repair turn around
  • Ignition control feature that helps manage power, saving start up time and extend vehicle battery life.
  • Optional screen defroster for cold storage option and freezer environment

The Honeywell Android based Thor VM1A vehicle-mount computer is built tough to handle harsh warehouses, ports, and manufacturing environments. Your team can keep products and materials moving all day long, maximize productivity and reduce downtime. Contact Barcodes if you are ready to find out how Thor VM1A can shift your workflow into high gear.

Zebra Introduces the VC80x Vehicle Mount Computer

Posted January 8, 2018


Look into any mid-to-large scale warehouse operations and you will see vehicle mount computers in use to improve efficiencies across the facility. Especially in the case of forklifts, embedding a capable mobile terminal can improve productivity and reduce errors from the docks to the yard. Having access to accurate information at all times in real-time aids in every process from receiving to storing, moving around, cross docking and picking.

In comes the VC80x an ultra-rugged vehicle mount computer, designed for some of the most extreme environments. The VC80x allows vehicle operators to go anywhere they need to go whether it be inside the warehouse, the loading dock, out in the yard, and even in the freezer. Allows for migration to Android without changing the operators experience that they go through on a daily basis. Meaning there’s no need for re-training, re-configuration, or development.

Zebra’s new vehicle mount computer comes with a fast Qualcomm 1.8 GHz hexa-core and a 64-bit processor with 4GB RAM allowing operators to work smoothly today and going forward. A heated screen, heated boards, and a heated UPS battery allows for the VC80x to be used continuously in a freezer environment. A quick 10 second release mount makes it easy for operators to remove the VC80x to move to another vehicle or for device repair. Comes with a loud front facing speaker and has an instantly accessible volume control making it easy for the operator to hear scanner feedback and app notifications.

For any questions or a quote on any of your Computing needs contact us at Barcodes, Inc.