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OpenTable Receipt Printers for Online or Mobile Dining Reservations

Posted July 7, 2020

With many states entering the next phase of the COVID pandemic that allow for re-opening of indoor dining at restaurants, people are anxious to get back to their normal routine and enjoy an indoor dining experience. However, limited capacities have made pre-booking almost a priority. Therefore, OpenTable is almost a necessity for any restaurant.

Reservation services like OpenTable are capable of managing your capacities and spreading out reservations so that your restaurant still has sufficient time to perform the required cleaning procedures. OpenTable receipt printers like the Star TSP100III can connect via Ethernet and is an ideal solution for multiple iPads that need to print from the same printer.

OpenTable Receipt Printers for Restaurant Online Dining Reservation Services

As restaurants move to indoor dining, flexibility using tablets and printers to allow customers to make online or mobile reservations will become more important. With more reservations being made to avoid wait times, accuracy will also become more important. Shop OpenTable receipt printers on Barcodes, Inc.

If you haven’t connected a printer to your OpenTable tablet yet, these OpenTable printer tips can help:

Star Thermal Receipt Printers

A leader in point of sale, Star thermal receipt printers like those used by OpenTable are designed for quick and easy setup and connection to devices using Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB. Via Bluetooth, the printer is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

With their compact size and internal power supply, Star receipt printers are compact enough to fit into any restaurant or bar space. And with print speeds up to 43 receipts per minute, these printers can keep up with increased demand during these uncertain times.

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As your business continues to adapt to changing regulations and recommendations, the experts at Barcodes, Inc. are here to answer your questions about all your point of sale, delivery service and online dining reservation needs. Contact us today for product recommendations like these OpenTable receipt printer options and more.