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Improve Warehouse Efficiency with Honeywell’s 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner

Posted August 11, 2022

The Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner brings a lot of versatility to the mobile warehouse worker. Its 1D and 2D scanning performance, fast decoding, and ability to read poor-quality or damaged barcodes make it the best in the industry.

Key Benefits of the 8670 Ring Scanner vs. Competing Devices

A few things to highlight about the Honeywell 8670 ring scanner are its lower ring scanning profile, lack of ring spin, and comfortable fit. See the 8670 in action below.

Lower Profile Ring Scanning

The Honeywell 8670 ring scanner has a much lower profile than the Zebra RS507.  In other words, it sits lower on your finger.  This is important because with this device you’ll be doing lots of piece picks, case picks, etc.  With a lower profile ring scanner, you are much less likely to hit the scanner on the bin/racking when reaching into a bin/racking to pick something. Rack hits = frustrated operator, progress disruption, damaged scanner.

No Ring Spin

The scanner button on the Honeywell 8670 does not sit below the finger.  So when you pick up a box, the scanner stays put. If the button sits below your finger, the scanner will spin every time you pick up a box.  So you’ll have to readjust your scanner after every pick. Life with a scanner that does not take this into account turns a 2 step process into a 3 step process.

Step 1: Scan item.

Step 2: Pick up box.

Step 3: Re-adjust ring scanner.

Comfortable, Secure Fit

Practice putting the ring scanner on until you’ve got it down to one smooth motion.  This also applies to the wearable computer.

First impressions go a long way, and if your workers continue to fumble with the scanner trying to put it on, this greatly diminishes the productivity that you are trying to capture in your business.

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