Socket Releases the SoMo 655 SDK

Posted October 31, 2012

Socket has released the SoMo 655 SDK, offering developers control over several unique hardware features of the SoMo 655 handheld computer. The SDK(Software Development Kit) provides flexible control via Application Programming Interfaces so developers can optimize hardware features of the SoMo 655 for their specific application and end user environment.

Controllable hardware features supported by the SDK include:

  • WLAN and Bluetooth wireless radios
  • Socket Mobile CompactFlash barcode, RFID, and magnetic stripe readers
  • Touch screen / backlight
  • CompactFlash I/O and microSD slot management
  • Audio, visual (LEDs), and vibrate notifications
  • Audio volume and microphone
  • Bottom connector pin-outs
  • Power management / monitoring

The SoMo 655 SDK is offered by the highly successful Socket Mobile Developer Program, which already includes more than 170 mobile developers interested in creating applications for Socket Mobile barcode scanners.

“Over the years, customers in healthcare, logistics, field service and other industries have asked to control hardware features of our SoMo handheld computers,” said Len Ott, Chief Technical Officer of Socket Mobile. “The new SDK makes it easy for developers to achieve tighter integration with the SoMo 655 hardware to produce high-quality applications and ultimately improve the end user experience.”

Examples of customer requests include medical device manufacturers embedding support for diagnostic equipment, healthcare providers incorporating system lockdown for mobile device management, and logistics solutions providers calibrating the microphone and speakers for noisy warehouse environments.

Developers registered in the Socket Mobile Developer Program can download the SDK from the Socket Mobile Developer Portal. Sample code for both C++ and C# is provided.

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