ASAP Systems Releases the Redesigned User Interface for Passport 6.0

Posted September 3, 2014

ASAP Systems has released an impressive redesigned user interface that allows users to choose between a few user interfaces, color schemes, and fonts, among other settings. The new Passport 6.0 user interface settings were engineered to serve a variety of technical skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Performing inventory and asset management tasks is now easier and faster than ever before.

In the user settings area, users can now choose between the “classic” user interface view, and the new “multi-pane” or “tile” views. Passport users that are most comfortable navigating through the “classic” view can continue to use it with the same functionalities. Alternatively, for Windows users, the “tile” view mimics the look and feel of the latest Windows OS user interface. It displays tiles for different transactions, reports, and graphical analysis as the user scrolls horizontally. In the “multi-pane” view, designed for beginner users, there is a step-by-step “quick start” dashboard, a lifecycle diagram, recent transactions, and a graphical “snapshot” of data. Beyond the visual improvement of the user interface, the lasting effect of the upgrade is amplified inventory control for new and experienced users.

Another new ability within Passport 6.0 is the data grid view. All lists of data within inventory or asset transactions include a batch action functionality and individual action dropdown menus. Users can simply select multiple items to include in the transaction or chose which action to perform on an individual item without leaving the grid. These options save valuable time by conveniently streamlining tasks within the system.

“Since day one, ASAP Systems designed inventory and asset systems with user experience and simplicity as the main objectives, and then we worked our way back into the code. Our efforts have always produced easy-to-use, cutting edge technologies for our customers,” says Elie Touma, CEO of ASAP Systems.

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