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Two completely smooth capacitive glass keyboards from Preh

Posted November 13, 2009

Preh has just announced two interesting glass-surfaced water-resistant keyboards with capacitive keys and four-levels of acoustic feedback.

The GTW 10  is designed for use in medical applications, can be operated while wearing surgical gloves, contains an integrated touchpad, and is resistant to acid(!).

The GTB 11 removes the touchpad, but adds dimmable blue backlighting. Though it’s recommended for the boardroom, it can also be operated while wearing surgical gloves (according to the photos).

It’s unknown how many keys can be simultaneously registered (hopefully enough for CTRL+ALT+DEL), or if the trackpad is multi-touch. It looks like it would take some adjustment to be comfortable touch-typing on these keyboards, but would make a buttonless trifecta alongside an iPhone and Magic Mouse.

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