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IDTech VersaKey: New Point of Sale Programmable Keyboard

Posted August 28, 2009

IDTech VersaKeyVersaKey Programmable Keyboard is versatile and flexible in an ever-changing POS environment

ID TECH, the leading manufacturer in custom and standard POS peripherals, has extended its VersaKey product line to provide a programmable function keyboard for POS systems. After a successful launch of the VersaKey keyboards with magnetic swipe readers in 2006, ID TECH is now offering a more flexible and versatile keyboard for its customers.

The VersaKey Programmable Keyboard is a plug-and-play peripheral device that is derived from the same core technologies found in ID TECH’s top selling magnetic stripe reader, the MiniMag. By using the included KeyUtility software, also developed by ID TECH, users can customize up to 60 programmable keys, allowing for fewer keystrokes and greater efficiency. The VersaKey Programmable Keyboard integrates a fully-functional keyboard with an optional touchpad mouse, and both magnetic stripe and smart card readers into a single, compact device.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • 124/135 key layout in a compact 14” form
  • Up to 60 programmable and re-legendable keys
  • Programmable keys and magnetic stripe reader are configured through the utility software provided
  • Smart card reader option
  • Multiple language keyboard layouts upon request
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