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Motorola MC3100 Raises the Bar for Mid-range Mobile Computing with High-End Features

Posted November 9, 2009

Motorola MC3100Rugged, ergonomic mobile computer delivers new level of flexibility to businesses and government agencies

Motorola, Inc. announced the new MC3100 series of mobile computers – offering advanced computing power, industry-leading data capture options, enterprise-class motion sensing capabilities, and the most versatile form factor for mid-range mobile computing. The next-generation MC3100 provides enterprise mobility customers with a single, cost-effective in-premise solution for converged voice and data communications. In addition, the MC3100 leverages the ergonomic and lightweight rugged design of the category-leading MC3000, which has sold more than 750,000 units.

Designed for key-based and touch-screen applications inside the enterprise, such as price/stock management, inventory control, returns processing, shipping and receiving, baggage tracking and asset management, the Motorola MC3100 series of mobile computers is purpose-built to meet the demanding needs of diverse customer environments. With its robust features, the MC3100 mobile computer will help retailers, government agencies and distribution centers streamline business processes, improve employee productivity and enhance customer service and satisfaction.

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The Motorola MC9500-K mobile computer: Re-defining field mobility — even in demanding environments

Posted November 9, 2009

Motorola MC9500-K

The challenge: the cost of a disconnected field workforce

The productivity of your field workforce is tied directly to the bottom line of the business — regardless of whether your field teams interact directly with your customers or are focused on maintenance of crucial business infrastructure such as pipelines and cable or telephone networks. If workers do not have access to everything they need to complete the service call on the first visit — from maintenance history to the parts database and equipment schematics — the cost of doing business increases and future sales may be lost. If timely maintenance is not scheduled or multiple truck rolls are required to complete a work order, not only is the cost of day-to-day operations increased, but also infrastructure downtime increases the cost of your products and services — reducing margins and customer satisfaction.

In order to protect the health of your business, your field workers need to operate at peak efficiency — yet they are out in the field, disconnected from the customer and equipment information required to act in real time. Paper forms must be used to collect information for a wide variety of transactions — and that information must then be entered into the computer upon return to the office. As a result, time is inserted into your business processes, creating lag times that reduce service levels, employee productivity, cash flow and overall profitability. The need to touch the data twice increases the opportunity for costly errors that again impact business efficiency. In addition, field workers are forced to phone the office for simple information requests — such as pricing, inventory and invoice information, directions and more — again injecting time and cost into business processes. And if cell phones, standalone GPS devices, cameras and more are utilized out in the field, the enterprise must purchase and manage multiple mobile devices per worker, increasing costs — and life for the field becomes more complex, reducing productivity.

The solution: a real-time field workforce for real business advantage

Field mobility addresses these issues by eliminating the gap between the voice and data networks in the office and your workers out in the field — with just a single device. With an integrated voice and data mobile computer in hand, your workers have what it takes to achieve maximum productivity — the tools required to automate every day processes as well as act in real time. End-to-end field service cycle times are reduced — out in the field as well as for the tangential processes inside your four walls.

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The Mobile Warehouse: Staging and Shipping

Posted October 22, 2009

Staging and Shipping

Reduce Inaccurate Shipments

When it comes to staging and shipping, accuracy is everything.

In a mobile warehouse with real-time access to data, decision-making is easier and staging lanes and shipping docks operate smoothly.

Streamline the Staging and Shipping Process

By integrating mobile technology into your shipping process you can increase efficiencies, reduce errors and cut down on processing time. Utilizing a handheld mobile computer, you can bring staging, loading and dispatch transactions to real time — all while directing and confirming pallet movements. You even have real-time visibility of the docks and doors for timelier decision making.

In addition, our two-way digital radio systems give you the option of using voice or text commands to coordinate shipping. What’s more, the system’s Location Services application allows you to track and coordinate the movement of vehicles and employees at a busy loading dock.

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Presenting the Mobile Warehouse from BarcodesInc and Motorola

Posted October 21, 2009

Welcome to the know what, when, where and how warehouse.

In a fast-paced warehouse, visibility is everything. The more you can see across the enterprise, the more efficient your operation.

The key to enterprise-wide visibility lies in mobility.

In a mobile warehouse, everything and everyone moves seamlessly. By arming your workforce with cutting-edge wireless data management technology, inventory visibility and control is improved, everyone is connected with two-way voice and email, various manual tasks are automated, and overall productivity soars.

And that’s just the beginning.

In a mobile warehouse, the likelihood for human error is lower, floor personnel and office management can communicate in real-time, and repetitive, labor-intensive tasks like picking, put-away and receiving are completed in a fraction of the time. That’s because things like duplicate data-entry, manual checks and double checks, not to mention input errors, are completely eliminated.

And the benefits of mobility extend well beyond the four walls of your warehouse. With mobile computers and scanners, materials in transit are visible, goods on the dock or in the yard are kept moving, and assets can be tracked right from your warehouse floor.

In short, with a mobile warehouse solution from Motorola, all the bases are covered, with products designed to perform bar code scanning, image capture, RFID, voice communication and email. And it all works seamlessly with your Warehouse Management System.

It’s an intelligent way to keep warehouse productivity up and costs down.

And it’s just another way BarcodesInc and Motorola put Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

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The Mobile Warehouse: Sorting

Posted October 19, 2009


Increase the Overall Efficiency of Your Warehouse

If there’s one thing that can impact warehouse profitability, it’s your sorting processes.

A mobile technology solution from Motorola not only eliminates the problems associated with error-prone manual processes, it can increase the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

Gain Visibility over Operations

Solutions that utilize mobile computers and wireless technologies are changing the rules of warehouse sorting. By replacing paper accounting practices with automated ones, you can gain unprecedented control and visibility over your sorting operation.

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The Mobile Warehouse: Returns

Posted October 19, 2009


Check Returns Quickly and Accurately

Warehouse returns are one of those “little things” that can have a major impact on your warehouse operation.

In a Motorola mobile warehouse you can check returns quickly and accurately, re-label them right on the spot, decide whether or not to return them to stock, and eliminate the countless other problems associated with working at a fixed workstation.

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The Mobile Warehouse: Receiving

Posted October 19, 2009


Reduce Errors and Increase Accuracy

Receiving goods at the loading dock isn’t just labor-intensive; it can be error-intensive as well. Especially when you do things manually.

Simplify the Receiving Process

Receiving is much simpler in a Motorola mobile warehouse. Things you used to do by hand are now done using intelligent devices. You no longer have to worry about reading an unreadable label or punching the wrong number into your inventory system. The result: accuracy is increased. Costly errors and customer turnaround times are reduced.

Motorola’s mobile computers are rugged, multi-mode scanning devices with bar code, imaging and RFID capabilities. Combine them with wearable printers and you can print labels on the spot, reducing errors and increasing throughput.

To stay in touch with floor personnel in high-volume receiving areas, Motorola has a digital two-way radio system with a long battery life for clear and reliable communications.

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The Mobile Warehouse: Put Away

Posted October 19, 2009

Put Away

Reduce Errors

For the typical warehouse operator, the put-away process can be a time-consuming, paper-based logistical nightmare.

In a mobile warehouse, put-away is more efficient. Errors are less likely. And productivity is taken to a whole new level.

Meet Customer Demands

The key is a real-time solution that utilizes wireless technologies in handheld and vehicle-mounted mobile computers, scanners and printers. Continue reading »

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The Mobile Warehouse: Pallet Picking

Posted October 19, 2009

Pallet Picking

Increase Pick Accuracy

One surefire way to expedite orders reduce delivery errors and make your customers happy is to improve picking accuracy.

In a mobile warehouse, pallet picking is significantly faster, more accurate and more cost-effective. And pallets checks and re-checks are a thing of the past.

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The Mobile Warehouse: Managers Assistant

Posted October 19, 2009

Managers Assistant

Take Care of the Office while Running the Floor

In today’s fast-paced warehouse, it’s easy for managers and supervisors to lose touch with operations on the floor.

But Motorola has a solution. With a personal mobile computer and communications system, you can supervise operations on the warehouse floor even when you can’t be there. Conversely, you can take care of business in the office while you’re on the floor, running things.

Multitask Like Never Before

With a rugged enterprise handheld digital assistant, you can perform multiple management functions simultaneously.

Utilizing integrated scanners and imagers, you can capture data on the floor and transmit that data back to a main office over an existing wireless local area network.

Increase Visibility to Keep the Floor Productive

Voice over IP (VoIP) capability, optional cellular connectivity and our digital two-way radio systems allow you to stay in contact with personnel on the floor — even in noisy settings. Use email and text messaging to share critical information quickly.

Need a wireless network built to your precise specifications? Or simply need to expand your current one. We’ve got you covered.

Take advantage of mobile voicemail, email and voice communications that work seamlessly with your Warehouse Management System (WMS) — as well as WMS and ERP applications like purchasing, inventory and dispatch.

In short, a Motorola digital assistant gives you access to the entire enterprise. This helps make you more efficient and gives you the visibility necessary to keep your entire floor productive.

It’s just another way Motorola puts Enterprise Mobility in the palm of your hand.

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