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Motorola Mobile Computer Pre-licensed Terminal Emulation Client Matrix

Posted May 6, 2010

The following matrix provides a list of the Motorola Mobile Computers that come pre-licensed and/or pre-loaded with the Wavelink Terminal Emulator (TE) client.

For more detailed information on TE, please visit

TE Software Support Agreements are available for purchase for all Motorola mobile computers.

In addition, hardware support agreements for pre-licensed mobile computers include coverage for the pre-licensed TE client. A support agreement is required for technical support and free upgrades. Please contact us for more details.

Motorola Mobile Computer OS Type Pre-Licensed
[Note 5]
MC9090 (Gun) Windows CE YES YES
MC9090 RFID Windows CE YES YES
MC9090 (Gun) [Note 1] Windows Mobile YES NO
MC9090 RFID [Note 1] Windows Mobile YES NO
MC9500 & MC9090 (Brick & Short) [Note 2] Windows Mobile NO NO
MC3090 (Gun) & MC3100 (Gun) [Note 3] Windows CE YES YES
MC3100 (Gun) [Note 1] Windows Mobile YES NO
MC3090-Z RFID [Note 2] Windows Mobile NO NO
MC3090 (Brick) [Note 2] Windows CE NO YES
MC3100-R/S [Note 2] Windows CE NO NO
MC3100-R/S & MC3000-R/S [Note 2] Windows Mobile NO NO
WT4090 Windows CE YES YES
VC5090 Windows CE YES YES
All other Motorola Mobile Computers [Note 4] Windows Mobile & CE NO NO


  1. Download pre-licensed TE client from Wavelink web site.
  2. Licenses are available for purchase.
  3. Overlays are not included with the pre-licensed TE client for the MC3090 Gun. Overlays for this deviWindows CE can be purchased through Motorola.
  4. TE licenses can be purchased through Motorola for most other Motorola Mobile Computers.
  5. Pre-Licensed Mobile Computers are licensed for TE 7.0 and are entitled to an upgrade to the latest version of TE if they are covered by a qualifying hardware or software support agreement. Contact Motorola Support for details.
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