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Jones Dairy Farm Empowers Delivery Drivers with Wireless Computers, Printers

Posted October 16, 2009

Zebra RW420

Since Milo Jones sold his first sausage in 1889, the Jones Dairy Farm has been making great sausage in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, from a cherished family recipe. Today, six generations later, the Jones family still operates the original farm and maintains its high quality standards.

However, the company’s distribution has grown considerably. It now sells its products online, in stores across the country, as well as in Canada, Japan and Hong Kong. The innovative company was the first in the meat industry to quick-freeze, one of the first to introduce fully-cooked breakfast sausage, and was early to operate a modern bacteriological chemical laboratory.

More recently, Jones Dairy decided to implement a direct store delivery (DSD) application with elements of route accounting for enhanced efficiency and customer service. Previously, Jones Dairy delivery staff had to go back and forth to their trucks to gather and print data for transactions, relying on manual entry using pen and paper forms.

Jones Dairy coupled Motorola® MC70 mobile computers with Zebra’s RW 420 mobile printers.

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Mobile Printing Enables Charter Baking Company to Deliver the Freshest Organic Baked Goods On-time to Consumers Nationwide

Posted October 15, 2009

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Charter Baking Company, a portfolio company of Charterhouse Group, Inc. and North America’s leading supplier of natural and organic bread and baked goods, is dedicated to bringing consumers a variety of the finest natural and organic breads without the use of any artificial ingredients or preservatives. The company distributes branded products from Rudi’s Organic Bakery, The Vermont Baking Company, The Baker, and Matthew’s Bread to supermarkets, mass retailers and a host of independent natural food stores across the U.S. In order to continue to ensure the freshness of its products, Charter Baking wanted to make sure all products were delivered accurately and on-time to meet its customers’ needs.

In 2007, Charter reached out a leading provider of handheld and host software to the route distribution and food processing industries. The company began its relationship when it bought Vermont Bakeries.

“We had been using a variety of disparate route accounting systems in various locales, including manual systems, and we were lacking the real-time visibility of inventory and sales data that could help us plan production for maximum sales, profitability and customer service,” said Andy Artzer, CIO of Charter Baking Company.

“Manual transactions at the store delivery level slowed down drivers’ productivity and efficiency and were a hindrance to our growth. In addition, the lack of real-time sales/inventory information and sales integration with our back-office planning system made forecasting and production planning a challenge. As a result, we experienced higher return rates in some regions or stores and out-of-stocks in others. Now, with the new system we can do more accurate forecasting by region and by store.”

Based on its needs, Charter Baking selected a sales tracking, ordering, route settlement, mobile/wireless route accounting/direct-store-delivery solution. The application runs on any Microsoft Windows Mobile device and the Charter Baking implementation utilizes Motorola MC9090 rugged mobile computers with a keypad designed specifically for DSD and Zebra RW 420 mobile/wireless receipt printers. Transaction data from each route is uploaded
daily into Charter’s host system application called “Bakers Dozen”.

“We specified Zebra’s mobile technology as a result of an evaluation our company conducted on mobile printers in the marketplace, in which Zebra ranked highest on its usability, rugged construction, printing quality and superior battery life,” explains Artzer. “With the old system it was difficult to decipher the drivers’ handwriting. Now, with the mobile printers, all the printouts are clear and legible.”

Using the handheld mobile/wireless solution, Charter’s drivers can complete delivery route transactions quickly and conveniently. With the mobile computer and printer, Charter’s mobile workers can issue invoices, print receipts, collect signatures, enter credits for returns and accept payments on the spot, then communicate these transactions to the host system. Product and quantity data can be entered either by scanning the product’s UPC code or entering the number into the handheld.

“Implementing the system has helped us streamline delivery operations for drivers and provides us with significantly greater accountability and accuracy on product sales across all locations,” states Artzer. “As a result, we can identify and optimize sales opportunities and ensure that production, distribution and product placement are done in the most advantageous manner to serve our customers.”

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Motorola MC9500-K Presentation

Posted October 1, 2009

Motorola has created a slideshow that provides and excellent overview of the Motorola MC9500-K rugged mobile computer, it’s features and benefits.

Click on the image below to view the PDF.

Motorola MC9500-K presentation

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Honeywell Scanning and Mobility

Posted September 28, 2009

Honeywell Scanning and Mobility (official website) is a Honeywell Automation & Control Solutions business specializing in barcode scanners and mobile computers.

Through the acquisition of Metrologic and Handheld (previously known as Welch Allyn, and HHP), Honeywell has 40 years of barcoding experience.

Honeywell is a leader and 2D imaging, and has a full line of mobile computers for almost any application.

Entry Level Light Industrial Industrial
Honeywell ScanPal 2 Wireless Barcode Scanner
ScanPal 2

Honeywell SP5500 OptimusS Wireless Barcode Scanner
SP5500 OptimusS


Honeywell SP5600 OptimusR Wireless Barcode Scanner
SP5600 OptimusR


Honeywell Dolphin 6100 Wireless Barcode Scanner
Dolphin 6100

Honeywell SP5700 OptimusPDA Wireless Barcode Scanner
SP5700 OptimusPDA

Honeywell Dolphin 7600 Wireless Barcode Scanner
Dolphin 7600


Honeywell Dolphin 7850 Wireless Barcode Scanner
Dolphin 7850

Honeywell Dolphin 7900 Wireless Barcode Scanner
Dolphin 7900

Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Wireless Barcode Scanner
Dolphin 9900


Honeywell Dolphin 6100 Mobile Computer Introductory Video

Posted September 21, 2009

Watch this video for a quick overview of features available in Honeywell’s new Dolphin 6100 mobile computer.

Top 5 Tips for Choosing Mobile Computers

Posted September 17, 2009

Intermec CN50

Sorting through the smart phones, PDAs and ruggedized computers available for business use is no easy task. Dozens of manufacturers offer hundreds of devices in thousands of configurations, but only one may be best suited for your particular environment and workforce. Rather than trying to stay on top of all the products that are being introduced and discontinued, the technologies and features being added, plus available peripherals and software, enterprises can quickly cut down to a few viable options by following five basic tips:

  1. Consider the environment and the user
  2. Stick to industry standards & certifications
  3. Simplify support
  4. Require flexibility
  5. Pay attention to power

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Janam Announces XM66 and XM60+ Rugged Mobile Computers

Posted September 17, 2009

Janam XM66Janam XM60+

Janam’s New XM66 and XM60+ Deliver Features Designed for the Front Line and Pricing that Drives the Bottom Line

Janam Technologies LLC, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, today announced two new XM Series rugged mobile computers: XM66 (with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1) and XM60+ (with Microsoft Windows CE 5.0).

With these two new Microsoft Windows devices, Janam is first to bring the powerful Freescale i.MX31 ARM11 processor and double data rate (DDR) memory to the rugged mobile computing space, resulting in computing performance that significantly outperforms the competition.

“As its name suggests, double data rate memory is twice as fast and power-efficient as conventional memory. We’re thrilled that Janam is first to migrate this leading cell phone technology to the rugged mobile computing space,” said Harry B. Lerner, CEO of Janam. “When you combine this winning feature with the fact that the XM Series are the only fully rugged mobile computers that offer a full 3.5” display at less than 10 ounces, we believe this product line has exactly the right features for the markets it serves.”

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Honeywell Introduces Built-in GPS for Dolphin 7600 mobile computer

Posted September 15, 2009

Honeywell Dolphin 7600Popular 7600 model enhanced with location-based capability

Honeywell today announced the release of the Dolphin 7600 mobile computer with built-in GPS-tracking hardware. The Dolphin 7600 with GPS is a feature-rich mobile computer with location-based capabilities for enhanced asset tracking and management. Businesses now have a path to easily incorporate location-based services and functions into their standard operations, and users gain the convenience of a streamlined all-in-one solution for both data collection and popular GPS functions.

Unlike other GPS-enabled devices, the flashlight-form factor of the Dolphin 7600 incorporates the extra functionality of GPS while maintaining the standard, easy-to-hold ergonomic design of the regular 7600 unit. The GPS data collected by the Dolphin 7600 can be used for business intelligence systems and strategies, such as route optimization and delivery verification.

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Motorola introduces MC9500 rugged mobile computer

Posted September 15, 2009

Motorola MC9500New MC9500 rugged mobile computer features superior performance, state-of-the-art design and revolutionary backroom management system

Motorola, Inc. today announced the MC9500 – a premium industrial-class handheld device that takes mobile computing innovation to the next level to further increase productivity, streamline operations and reduce total cost of ownership.

The new MC9500 leverages the features and functionality of the industry’s best-selling Motorola MC9000 mobile computer and introduces new capabilities such as modular 3.5G WAN for a groundbreaking enterprise mobility solution that can change the way organizations do business. Designed to improve operational efficiencies with its extreme ruggedness and superior ergonomics, the MC9500 also redefines backroom management with a unique accessory system and a new approach to battery management.

Researched and field tested to meet the needs of the most demanding customer environments, the Motorola MC9500 mobile computer delivers reliable performance for mobile workforces in the transportation and logistics, parcel/post, direct store delivery, field service and public safety industries. “Motorola has proven leadership in mobile computing – initially changing the market landscape with the introduction of the MC9000,” said Gerald McNerney, vice president of mobile computing product management, Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions. “The new MC9500 is a testament to our commitment to innovation and demonstrates our continued ability to redefine the industry standard with the most versatile solutions on the market.”

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Enable Increased Productivity and Efficiency With GPS Capability in Industrial Mobile Computing Solutions

Posted September 1, 2009

Chances are, you’re familiar with consumer GPS navigation systems built into many new vehicles at the factory—and widely available in the aftermarket. Such systems offer capabilities beyond basic navigation, which often include points of interest, real-time traffic reports, and speed-limit notification—just what you might want for a business trip or a family vacation. However, when GPS technology is built into mobile computers, it can offer the same familiar navigation, configured to meet business requirements—plus support additional productivity-enhancing applications.

What you’ll learn

  • How GPS works.
  • Specific uses for GPS to enhance transportation, logistics and field service operations.
  • How GPS can operate in synergy with other technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency for mobile operations.
  • Industrial mobile computer attributes critical to matching the requirements of GPS applications.

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