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Datalogic’s New GPS4400 On-Counter Presentation Scanner

Posted January 23, 2014

The Gryphon GPS4400 scanner is a new presentation scanner in a stylish body available in shiny white or dark grey. The GPS4400 scanner offers all the capabilities and performances of the Gryphon GD4400 handheld scanner, but in a presentation-style shape. The scanner can be used by itself or in combination with its sliding semi-circular stand. By itself, this scanner allows minimum volume occupancy and can be appropriate when reading small items or it can be positioned over a shelf or console in an elevated position.

When the scanner is placed in the stand, it is elevated in height making it easier to read larger items and allows the scanner to be oriented in a more natural position depending on the application and the needs of the user. The stand also includes 2 holes which allow the stand to be attached to a wall or bench in a vertical position by using 2 screws. The screws holes are mechanically compatible with the Magellan 1100i stand, simplifying the replacement of an existing 1100i scanner with the new Gryphon GPS4400 scanner.

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