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Honeywell Announces Wireless Wide Area Network (Cellular) Connectivity Option for the Marathon Field Computer

Posted July 24, 2012

Today’s mobile data collection environments are  a nonstop series of challenges, and a nonstop quest for efficiencies.  Having the most capable tools in your workers hands allows them to maintain productivity and stay on track.

The Marathon field computer was designed to replace multiple devices with one ergonomic, easy to use solution that eliminates  the cost of purchasing and maintaining both laptop or desktop computers and a handheld device. The 7” touch screen display, laptop style QWERTY keyboard, numeric keypad, and optional data capture capability enhance worker productivity and reduce the number of costly errors. Further, the rugged design reduces down time and the total cost of ownership in the most demanding environments. Supporting Windows Embedded Standard, Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro with mass storage to 64GB SSD, the Marathon also seamlessly integrates with enterprise applications and management systems.

The new Marathon WWAN offering supports both 3.75G GSM and CDMA EVDO  through a software configurable radio. Combined with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless local area network (WLAN), the Marathon WWAN enables anytime, anywhere communication capability with GPS location services.

LXE is now part of Honeywell

Posted August 23, 2011

Acquisition is the third major auto-identification and data collection company to become part of Honeywell.

Honeywell announced that it has completed its acquisition of EMS Technologies, Inc., parent company of LXE.
EMS is a leading provider of connectivity solutions for mobile networking and rugged mobile computers.

The acquisition will enhance Honeywell’s existing capabilities in rugged mobile computing technologies. EMS’s Global Resource Management (GRM) division provides highly ruggedized mobile computing products and services for use in transportation, logistics, and workforce management settings as well as secure satellite-based asset tracking and messaging technology for search and rescue, warehousing, and field force automation environments.

“Acquiring EMS Technologies demonstrates our commitment to build on our leadership position in the global barcode scanning and mobility industry,” said Darius Adamczyk, president of Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “By adding EMS Technologies to our business, we will acquire complementary rugged hand-held and vehicle-based products and expand our presence in warehousing, manufacturing and port segments. These new products and segments will be growth drivers for our business.”

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility was formed in 2008, following Honeywell’s acquisition of two leading manufacturers of automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) solutions, Handheld Products and Metrologic Instruments.

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Honeywell to Buy Parent Company of LXE

Posted June 16, 2011

Honeywell today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire EMS Technologies, parent company of LXE, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers.

“EMS is a terrific addition to Honeywell, adding leading positions in attractive markets that are closely aligned with favorable trends in the growing Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) space and commercial aerospace, as well as being highly complementary to our existing Scanning and Mobility business,” said Honeywell Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dave Cote. “Honeywell is uniquely positioned to acquire EMS due to the strategic fit across EMS’s Global Resource Management and Aviation divisions. The acquisition brings engineering expertise, differentiated technologies, global reach, and profitable adjacent segments that build upon our great positions in good industries and enhance our growth profile.”

EMS’s GRM division offers a broad range of solutions for supply chain logistics, mobile workforce management, and remote asset monitoring applications, supported by hundreds of partners worldwide. EMS’s proven mobile resource management solutions include LXE-branded rugged handheld and vehicle-mounted computers featuring multiple radio technologies and satellite-based global tracking and monitoring solutions for cargo, fleet assets, and personnel.

“This is another terrific transaction for our Scanning and Mobility business,” said Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer Roger Fradin. “EMS strengthens our core mobile computing business and expands our addressable market with complementary new products, channel partners, and entry into the warehousing and port segments that we believe will be growth drivers for the business., This also represents an opportunity to demonstrate our proven acquisition integration process.”

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LXE THOR MN010 Vehicle Mount Computer

Posted March 22, 2011

LXE ThorThe LXE Thor redefines the expectations of what a vehicle mounted computer can accomplish with a processing platform that is dramatically faster. Three patent-pending breakthrough features that enhance productivity and efficiency in ways never before imagined:

  • Field-replaceable front panel that gets you back on line if the touch-screen, keyboard or defroster fail
  • Quick Mount Smart Dock allows one-handed move of units between vehicles to save cost and reduce down-time
  • Ignition control makes the computer ready for work when you are

The Thor is designed for enterprises using forklifts, cranes, trucks and heavy machinery in warehousing, ports, manufacturing floor, natural resource, and trucking/transportation applications.

The Thor will begin shipping in April 2011.

Key Thor Benefits

State of the art processing platform

  • Thor’s processing platform is dramatically superior to all other CE vehicle-mount computers in processing speed, RAM and flash.
  • 802.11 a/b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 comes standard, and by adding WWAN w/GPS (available in Q3), the advantage of Thor over other vehicle-mount computers becomes overwhelming.
  • Cold Storage configuration, indoor & outdoor displays, and true space diversity antennas for WiFi, contribute to a device ready for virtually any industrial environment.

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LXE Announces Tecton Rugged Handheld Mobile Computer

Posted February 7, 2011

LXE announced today the launch of the Tecton™ rugged handheld computer, targeting supply chain applications. The successor to LXE’s highly successful MX7 handheld, the IP-65 rated Tecton handheld computer accelerates real-time data capture with an industry-leading PXA 320 806 MHz processor running Windows® Mobile 6.5 or Windows® CE 6.0.

Lightweight and extremely well-balanced in the user’s hand, and with sleek design for an industrial tool, the Tecton handheld delivers its enhanced performance across a wide array of supply chain tasks. The unit’s multi-range scanning capabilities enable bar code reads from four inches to 40 feet, so operators can perform warehouse moves ranging from receiving to full pallet put-aways with the same version of the computer. Scan-intensive picking can be enabled with the Tecton computer’s available easy-grip removable handle with two-finger trigger, and every Tecton computer comes with LXE’s ToughTalk technology for voice-driven processes. The device also features a scan vibration signal that can be used to verify successful scans in loud warehouses, and multiple built-in data-entry options.

Performance and versatility come with field-proven ruggedness and customizations for the most demanding environments. Keypads protect against airborne and spilled chemical agents, and electrical components are secured to circuit boards to better withstand drops and shocks. An available cold-storage configuration includes programmable touchscreen and scan window defrosters, and a cold-tolerant backup power source that holds a charge longer in environments as low as -30°C.

“The Tecton handheld performs well in so many tasks because it’s light enough for scan-intensive picking, yet able to take a beating,” said Newell. “We purpose-built this computer for the supply chain with the right combination of ergonomics, ruggedness, and computing power.”

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LXE Marathon Field Computer

Posted August 13, 2010

LXE MarathonFully Rugged Computer, Optimized for the Mobile Worker, Features Gobi WWAN Radio, Biometric Mouse, Full QWERTY Keypad, and 7” Touchscreen

LXE announced the introduction of its Marathon field computer. The Marathon field computer introduces a new form factor in mobile computing, with a larger screen size and greater computing power than a PDA, smaller size than a laptop, and multiple data-capture and connectivity options. Taken together, the Marathon field computer provides new levels of usability for the mobile worker in field-force automation, route accounting, and public safety.

The Marathon field computer weighs less than a kilogram, and is powered by an Intel® Atom processor that runs full Windows® 7 or Windows® XP operating systems. It combines multiple built-in data-entry options, including a 7” outdoor-visible touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, integrated fingerprint reader that doubles as a mouse, and a high-resolution color camera. The unit’s available desk and vehicle SmartDock cradles allow one-handed undocking and user-friendly peripheral interfaces. Additional bolt-on accessories include a mag stripe reader, 2D imager, and extended life batteries for 8- and 12-hour continuous operation, all of which attach securely to the unit while maintaining the overall IP-65 rating for protection against dust and water.

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LXE VX9 Förj Selected by MSC Home Terminal

Posted March 5, 2010

LXE VX9MSC Home Terminal, the largest container terminal in the port of Antwerp, is a 50/50 joint venture between PSA (Port of Singapore Authorities) and MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company). Located at the Delwaide dock in Antwerp, it is the most important North European hub for MSC. The terminal’s vital statistics are impressive: a total surface area of 1.6 million m², a quay length extending to almost 3 km, and a total capacity of around 4.3 million TEU. It operates 24/7.

Not surprisingly, MSC Home Terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art handling equipment and controlled by high-performance IT applications. A wireless network was recently implemented. MSC Home Terminal decided to replace the aging narrow band system with a modern Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz network. At the same time the technical department wanted to launch a proactive maintenance system which would enable maintenance messages to be monitored and eventually sent to the straddle carriers. The messages would inform the drivers to bring their straddle carrier in for a service check. Various selection criteria were drawn up for the vehicle-mounted computers. At the top of the list was undoubtedly the ruggedness of the devices, closely followed by the readability and ergonomics of the screens. All teams of MSC Home Terminal were involved in the selection process, from management to dock workers.

A short list of three suppliers was drawn up and their devices were thoroughly tested by users for ruggedness in a tough industrial environment, ergonomics and screen readability. In addition, the technical department and the IT department looked closely at the technical specifications to ensure the selected device had all the necessary features for end-to-end monitoring of the straddle carriers. Finally, the decision was made for LXE’s VX9 Förj vehicle-mount computers. These are rugged, Windows XP-based mobile PCs with 12.1” touch screen display. Around 120 LXE VX9 Förj computers will be installed on straddle carriers at MSC Home Terminal. The Förj is implemented as a FAT client allowing it to communicate with an independent PLC and the TOS.

LXE VX8 Kärv and VX9 Förj Vehicle-Mount Computers Bring PC Computing Power into Mobile Environments

Posted January 21, 2010

LXE VX8New VX8 Kärv and VX9 Förj Now Available with Intel® Atom or Core 2 Duo Processors and High-bright, Energy-efficient LED Displays

LXE, the mobile logistics business of EMS Technologies, Inc., released two updates to its Trux line of rugged vehicle-mount computers. The VX8 Kärv and VX9 Förj vehicle-mount computers incorporate sharper LED backlit displays, Intel® Atom and Core 2 Duo processing speeds and mobile radio connectivity into rugged and versatile mobile personal computers.

The two units are designed for enterprises that need full Microsoft® Windows® computing power in a mobile environment to optimize application and network management compatibility.

The Kärv vehicle-mount computer is derived from predecessor products developed by the LXE’s Trux group in Sweden and its namesake was a small, maneuverable Viking ship used for both battle and merchant missions. It comes with available Atom 1.6 GHz or Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz processors, and up to 2GB of RAM. A 10.4″ touch screen LED display, 802.11 a/b/g + Bluetooth radio, and available WWAN connectivity allow those processors to run high-performance software applications from virtually anywhere. The unit’s compact magnesium enclosure rated to IP65 is engineered to handle extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, dust and moisture. The Förj computer, with a name that alludes to the strong, precise materials, which emerge from a blacksmith’s forge, is the Kärv computer’s larger counterpart, with a 12.1” touchscreen and outdoor screen option.

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LXE Introduces MX9 Family of Ultra-Rugged Data Collection Computers for Harsh Environment Applications

Posted August 18, 2009

LXE MX9LXE Inc., the rugged mobile computer business of EMS Technologies, Inc., announced today the immediate availability of the MX9, MX9CS, and MX9HL Ultra-Rugged handheld computers, designed for use in a wide array of heavy industrial and outdoor data collection environments.

“The MX9 family of handheld computers further extends LXE’s reach into new markets and outdoor data collection applications.” states Steve Newell, LXE’s general manager. Replacing the popular MX5 series of handhelds, LXE has incorporated improvements and additional functionality requested by its existing customer and partner base. “We have seen a growing demand for ultra rugged computing products. The MX9 computer offers best-in-class performance along with special features such as GPS receivers for positional location applications. Interest in the product for agriculture, forestry and public safety markets, among others, demonstrates the need for high-reliability handheld computing solutions. Adding the MX9 family of computers to our portfolio of products will greatly extend the breadth of LXE products made available to our growing network of partners, for use in their solutions offerings.” Newell added.

The MX9 computer is in a class by itself, offering a host of features, including an outdoor display, multiple scanning and imaging options, back-lit keypads, built-in GPS positional location option, and 802.11 a/b/g, WWAN and Bluetooth communications options. The MX9 computer includes an IP67 rating and rugged packaging designed specifically for harsh outdoor environments. With low-temp batteries and built-in heater control capabilities, the MX9CS version of the handheld computer is ready for a variety of cold storage applications. The MX9HL version is compliant with Class 1 Div. 2 Hazardous Location environments. All MX9 computers ship with a PXA320 processor and industry-leading Windows® CE 5.0 operating system offering an open platform for application development. All versions also include LXE’s Toughtalk technology, supporting voice recognition applications.

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