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Mobile Tracking for Evidence Management

Posted March 22, 2012

A Strategic Solution for Law Enforcement Evidence Management

BarcodesInc offers an integrated enterprise mobility solution for governmental agencies evidence management environments. BarcodesInc’s evidence Tracking With Information Solutions Technologies, or eTWIST, is a Windows Mobile based software, designed for the unobtrusive tracking of evidence. Our Evidence Tracking Software is perfect for law enforcement, military or private enterprise applications requiring the ability to facilitate Chain of Custody and “Protect the Truth”.

Our Evidence Tracking Software relieves resource-intensive tasks, improves accuracy and optimizes time. Using this technology for processing and collecting criminal evidence can enhance case clearance rates and potentially reduce crime rates. Many police officers are confined to a desk repeatedly entering data into back-end reporting systems or on paper, instead of out patrolling the streets. The average police agency receives about 100 cases per week; about 25 of those cases require evidence tracking, taking officers on average 2 hours to input the evidence information into back-end systems or to handwrite reports. Resulting in 50 man-hours each week, or one police officer per year, spent in front of a computer screen entering in repetitive data, often multiple times.

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