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Epson TM-S2000 ultifunction payment device: check scanner, credit card reader and 2-sided ID scanner in one

Posted November 17, 2011

TM-S2000 Offers Multiple Features, Industry-Leading Functionality in One Compact Footprint

Epson introduced its new TM-S2000 multifunction payments device. Epson’s new, feature-packed TM-S2000 offers industry-leading functionality, such as the fastest check scanning speed in its class, the highest MICR accuracy available and best-in-class image quality. Additional features include an optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader, a two-sided ID scanner, up to 15 lines of endorsement printing and an industry-leading two-year warranty. Epson’s TM-S2000 delivers maximum functionality in an impressively small footprint and is ideally suited for high-volume RDC applications where speed, accuracy and maximum throughput are essential to workflow efficiency.

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Epson Color Label Printers and BarcodesInc Help Improve Efficiency at Upco Inc

Posted October 3, 2011

Epson TM-C3400 SecurColorUpco Inc., located in Claremore, Oklahoma, has the second largest factory in the world for the production of sucker rods. Sucker rods join together the surface and downhole components of a reciprocating piston pump installed in an oil well. With a total capacity to produce over thirty million feet of sucker rods per year, Upco is the only domestic supplier of sucker rods owned by employees.

To improve the efficiency of the plant, Upco required a system to identify quickly and easily the grade the quality of scrap in their plant. Having 7 or more different grades, employees were required to read black only labels which could create confusion and potential errors.

To reduce the potent for errors, BarcodesInc of Chicago, IL recommended Upco purchase an Epson TM-C3400 SecurColor on-demand color label printer as well as recommended media for their application. To complete the solution, the Information Technology group in Upco wrote an application in Visual Basic to automatically select the correct color based on the grade of scrap and to print the label on the TM-C3400.

By adding a band of color, employees can easily identify the quality of the scrap, saving time, reducing errors and saving money.

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Epson TM-H6000 Printer Selected Southeastern Data Cooperative Selects to Support Over 200 Utility Companies

Posted May 10, 2011

Receipt Printer with Integrated Check and ID Scanning Ideally-Suited for Billing Applications

Epson, a leading supplier of value-added Point of Sale (POS) solutions, announced that Southeastern Data Cooperative (SEDC), a provider of hardware and software solutions to utility companies, has selected the Epson TM-H6000 multifunction printer with digital check imaging and ID scanning as part of its suite of billing, accounting and capital credit software platform to support over 200 utility customers. Epson’s TM-H6000 is the only POS printer with both integrated check reader and ID scanner, which allows utility companies to implement electronic check conversion (ECC) and capture ID images at the point of presentment, lowering check handling costs and reducing fraud and liability. Sixty of SEDC’s 215 member customers have been updated with the new hardware, and the remaining 155 customers are scheduled to roll out in the coming months.

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Epson Introduces TM-H6000IV Multifunction Receipt Printer

Posted January 10, 2011

Fastest Check Processing and Most Energy Efficient In Its Class, Ideal for High-Volume Retailers

Today at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 100th Annual Convention & Expo, Epson introduced the TM-H6000IV – a multifunction POS printer ideally suited for retail and supermarkets looking to speed checkout lanes, increase productivity and save on energy costs. With best-in-class reliability, forms handling, the industry’s fastest check processing and the fastest print speeds in its class, up to 50% faster than the prior model, the TM-H6000IV is ideally suited for retailers looking for fast-moving checkout lanes. In addition, the TM-H6000IV is the industry’s first ENERGY STAR® qualified hybrid printer, has the lowest power consumption in its class, is up to 84% more energy efficient than its tested competitors1, and has print options that can reduce receipt paper usage over 25%.

TM-H6000IV Features and Benefits

Designed with even greater reliability and a smaller footprint than the previous model, Epson’s new TM-TH6000IV offers the following features and benefits:

  • Transaction Speed
    With printing up to 300mm/second, the TM-H0000IV is 50% faster than the TM-H6000III and offers the fastest print speeds in its class as well as the industry’s fastest check processing.

  • Reliability
    With an MCBF of 96 million lines the TM-H6000IV is the most reliable in its class and all components are designed to last the lifetime of the printer.

  • MICR Accuracy
    Epson’s TM-H6000IV MICR leads the industry with over 99.9% accuracy and reads more of the check surface than the prior model, reducing the number of unreadable checks.

  • Environmental Features
    The TM-H6000IV is ENERGY STAR qualified, has the lowest power consumption in its class and offers print options that reduce receipt paper usage over 25%.

  • Easy System Integration
    With Epson’s advanced Connect-It® interface modules, the TM-H6000IV is compatible with the latest systems and many legacy systems. The TM-H6000IV comes with dual interfaces (a built-in USB and one additional interface) to ensure easy integration.

  • Warranty and Availability
    Backed by world-class service and support programs and a two-year warranty, the TM-H6000IV is ideally suited for fast, high-performance retail printing applications and will be available Q1 2011.

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Huntington Bank Chooses Epson for Check Scanners

Posted November 11, 2010

Epson CaptureOneEpson CaptureOne Provides Top Check Scanning Accuracy and Reliability

A Association for Financial Professionals Show, Epson announced that Huntington Bank will offer Epson’s award-winning CaptureOne line of check scanners to complement its remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions. Available immediately to the bank’s corporate and commercial customers, Epson’s CaptureOne check scanner enables fast, two-sided check scanning with the highest MICR accuracy in its class and an industry-leading two-year warranty. In addition to offering Epson’s CaptureOne check scanners, Huntington uses Epson’s TM-H6000III for reliable printing and validation at teller stations throughout many of its branch offices.

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Epson TM-T88iv ReStick Improves Circulation Desk Hold Labeling in Ten Public Libraries

Posted October 27, 2010

Epson TM-T88ivSolution Increases Productivity, Streamlines Books on Hold Labeling Process

The Epson TM-T88iv ReStick thermal printer is now being used in ten public libraries to improve the circulation desk book reservation process. The Epson solution has increased productivity due to less staffing required and fewer hours spent emptying and checking in boxes from other libraries to accommodate customer hold requests.

Libraries have traditionally utilized a cumbersome, manual book reservation process involving rubber bands, scrap paper, masking tape and handwritten notes. This error-prone, outdated method has been updated with the Epson TM-T88 ReStick solution, which allows staff to print labels which can be applied to books without any damage or sticky residue. Using the ReStick solution has streamlined the book reservation process, cut back staffing requirements and increased overall productivity at circulation desks.

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Epson TM-J9100 Check Scanner in Over 50 Community Banks

Posted October 21, 2010

Epson check scannerEpson announced that one of its valued partners has installed its TM-J9100 check scanner with integrated printer in over fifty community banks nationwide. Epson’s TM-J9100 is paired with software to perform check processing at the teller window. Customer deposits are scanned and imaged at the point of presentment, and back room tasks are performed using the scanned images. With this combined solution, checks are only handled once, which means fewer and faster transactions, and more efficient customer service. The fifty banks using the Epson solution range in size from under $12M to $350M, and are located throughout the United States.

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Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printer Ranks Most Energy Efficient in its Class

Posted June 7, 2010

Epson TM-T88VUses Significantly Less Energy than Same-Class Competitors

Epson, a leading supplier of value-added printing and check scanning solutions for the retail and financial industries, announced today that its newly-released TM-T88V single-station thermal printer ranked highest in energy efficiency, consuming significantly less energy than same-class competitive models. The results derive from stringent, side-by-side tests among ten competitive products performed by Seiko Epson Corporation in 20101. Ideally suited for high-volume retail and teller printing applications, the TM-T88V provides fast, reliable, full-featured receipt printing while delivering industry-leading energy savings and reduced paper usage of 25% or more. In addition, the TM-T88V is the only thermal receipt printer available today with ENERGY STAR qualified configurations. As of June 1, 2010, the TM-T88V will be shipping throughout Epson’s designated sales and distribution channels.

Epson’s TM-T88V single-station thermal printer with USB interface was tested against ten same-class competitive models, including three Star, three Citizen, two Bixolon, one IBM and one Ithaca. Testing results indicate that the Epson TM-T88V uses between 68% and 89% fewer kilowatt hours as compared to the next best performing and worst performing models tested. In addition to its high energy efficiency, the TM-T88V enables users to reduce receipt length by 25% or more, without altering receipt content, by using a combination of paper-saving features including top margin reduction, line space reduction, line feed reduction and barcode height reduction. Low energy consumption and paper-saving features combine to significantly reduce the TM-T88V printer’s long-term cost of operation. Epson’s TM-T88-series is the world’s best-selling thermal printer to date, with over five million units installed worldwide.

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Epson ReadyPrint T20 Low-Cost Thermal POS Printer

Posted April 14, 2010

Epson T20ReadyPrint Brings Epson Quality to Low-Volume SMB Customers

Epson, a leading supplier of value-added Point of Sale (POS) solutions, introduced its new ReadyPrint™ T20 thermal printer, a low-cost receipt printing solution for small retailers. Combining basic POS printing functionality, high reliability and exceptional ease-of-use, ReadyPrint is the ideal choice for retailers having a low volume of POS transactions and those transitioning from ECR to PC-based POS systems. ReadyPrint is the newest addition to Epson’s growing line of reliable, energy-efficient thermal receipt printers and represents the company’s entry into the growing and highly-competitive retail SMB market.

ReadyPrint offers an ideal low-volume, cost-effective solution along with fast and easy integration and software included to speed application programming. Packaged as an all-in-one-box solution, the printer ships with all the components required for fast installation at the customer’s site including drivers, utilities, cables and power supply. Based on Epson’s advanced printing technology, ReadyPrint has been tested to meet Epson’s stringent design and performance standards, providing resellers with the reliable performance their customers demand.

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Epson TM-T88V Expands Financial Printer Offering

Posted March 10, 2010

Epson TM-T88VNewest Teller Printer Offers Top Reliability, Industry-Leading Four Year Warranty

Today Epson, a leading supplier of value-added printing and check scanning solutions for the financial industry, introduced the TM-T88V thermal printer, the newest addition to Epson’s best-selling TM-T88 printer series and the latest in Epson’s growing line of reliable teller printers. With an industry-leading, four-year warranty, print speeds up to 50% faster than the previous model, and a small, sleek footprint, Epson’s TM-T88V offers solid reliability along with advanced, full-featured printing functionality ideal for high volume teller transaction printing applications.

“The TM-T88V sets the standard for fast, reliable thermal printing,” commented Mike Helm, Director of Sales and Marketing, Epson System Device Group. “Financial institutions looking for top reliability will appreciate this workhorse, along with its four-year warranty.”

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