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Datalogic Pegaso Optimizes Supermarket’s Distribution Warehouse

Posted September 16, 2010

Datalogic PegasoThe Familiya supermarket chain was founded in 2000. Today Familiya is a large company that produces clothes, footwear and many other goods at reasonable prices. It has 39 stores in the Moscow region and Saint Petersburg with a total floor space of over 30,000 square meters. It also includes a distribution warehouse, purchasing department and business support services.

In the past, all warehousing operations, such as receiving, dispatch and inventory, were done manually. In an area of 7,500 square meters, many errors occurred and goods were lost. In order to avoid these errors, Datalogic partner recommended the Datalogic Pegaso PDA.

The numerous benefits provided by Pegaso were the deciding factors for this choice. This rugged PDA provides a large color and clear touch display (3.7 in) that helps users work more efficiently in various lighting conditions, it includes a large memory (128 MB) with extension possibility, an IP64 protection class and can be dropped from 1.5m to a concrete surface without breaking down. Furthermore, the Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system allows use of numerous standard development tools and the quick-attach handle assures comfortable device usage while reducing user fatigue during intensive scanning. Another additional benefit is obtained by the rechargeable Li-on battery pack, which allows Pegaso™ continuous operation for 12 hours, improving productivity.

Scan City’s partner Soft Merit, dealing with warehouse automation solutions at Familiya, has installed 10 Pegasos, supplying one third of Familiya’s distribution warehousing personnel with these devices. However, the automation process has not been completed yet. In the near future, 20 more Pegaso™ PDAs will be installed and Familiya is studying the possibility of using other Datalogic Mobile terminals in its stores.

Datalogic Skorpio Gun Helps Funtastic Traveling Shows Increase Efficiency with Wireless Ticketing System

Posted September 15, 2010

Datalogic FuntasticFuntastic Traveling Shows is a company expected to live up to its name. This Portland, Oregon, company runs fairs across the Northwest using the Datalogic Skorpio Gun to help them slash theft, usher customers quickly aboard rides, and forecast future needs. Together, Funtastic and Datalogic are bringing the fun to fairgoers faster.

Putting on 80 events a year makes every moment precious to Funtastic. From time spent planning the fairs to speedily serving corndogs and reducing line waits, Funtastic makes every second count towards their efficiency and profitability.
Throughout their existence, fairs and carnivals have had a problem monitoring employees, vendors, and even fairgoers.

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Public transportation company Pioneers an Automation Project using Datalogic Powerscan Barcode Readers

Posted August 26, 2010

Datalogic PBT7100

ATM Launches a Part Tracking Project using PowerScan™ PBT7100 Readers to Optimize the Maintenance of Rolling Stock


The Milan transport company (ATM) is a corporation owned by the Municipality of Milan, Italy. ATM manages public transportation within the city and in 72 municipalities, which cover 2.6 million inhabitants with a fleet of 1,400 transportation vehicles such as subway trains, buses and trams.

To manage such a large and diverse fleet, active maintenance is fundamental. Without all the functioning vehicles in operation, ATM loses its ability to improve the quality of life for people living in the area. With this in mind, ATM decided to implement a system to optimize its spare parts inventory in order to maximize the efficiency of maintenance activities.

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Grocery co-op Makes retail History in New Zealand by Implementing Magellan Scanners

Posted August 26, 2010

POS checkout systemMajor Co-Op Wholesaler / Retail Group Reconfigured Cluttered POS Stations with Datalogic Magellan™ Scanners to Create the ‘Dream Checkout!’


Foodstuffs South Island Limited (Foodstuffs) is a major wholesaling and retailing FMCG group operating as a cooperative and established to provide high levels of service to member stores. Member stores fall under the following brands: PAK’nSAVE (barn-style supermarkets), New World (full-service supermarkets), Four Square (convenience stores), Henry’s (liquor stores) and On the Spot (dairy) stores.

Foodstuffs holds the dominant market position in the south Island grocery trade with approximately 58% of the market share, as measured by AC Nielsen. Foodstuffs is 100% New Zealand owned and operated with all profits and taxes remaining inside the country.

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New Accessories for Charging and Syncing your Datalogic Elf Mobile Computer

Posted August 13, 2010

Where your Datalogic needs to work multiple simultaneous shifts, having batteries always charged is a must.

To meet this need Datalogic is producing a new 4 Slot Dock recharging only option, able to recharge 4 devices and 4 spare batteries at the same time, for the Datalogic Elf.

This same accessory can also be equipped with an Ethernet communications option. The Ethernet 4 Slot Dock is aimed at providing remote synchronization of mobile computers in a fast and easy way, via standard TCP/IP, on a wired LAN.

For other applications, typically Wi-Fi, where a physical connection is not required, but there is a need to have the battery always charged, Datalogic is offering the the Multiple Battery Charger.

4 Slot Dock Features

  • Able to recharge up to 4 devices and 4 spare batteries
  • Power Supply already included in the box (only the regional power cord is required)
  • Available in the configuration “charger only” (94A151134) or with an Ethernet connection option (94A151132).
  • The Ethernet configuration allows addressing of 4 separate devices.
  • The Four Slot Ethernet Dock also allows daisychaining of up to 4 docks.

Multiple Battery Charger Features

  • Able to recharge standard and high capacity batteries
  • Small footprint
  • 4 slots
  • Power Supply already included in the box (only the regional power cord is required)

Available August, 6th 2010

Part Number Model Material Description


Dock, Ethernet 4 Slot, Elf

Dock, Multi, Ethernet (4 slot). Recharge 4 terminals and 4 spare batteries. Power supply included in the box. Power cord to be ordered separately.


Charger, 4 Slot Dock, Elf

Dock, Multi, charger only. Recharge 4 terminals and 4 spare batteries. Power supply included in the box. Power cord to be ordered separately.


Charger, 4 Slot Battery, Elf

Battery Charger, Multiple (4 Slots) for standard and high capacity. Power supply included in the box. Power cord to be ordered separately.

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More Security for Airports and Flights with Datalogic Bar Code Readers

Posted August 9, 2010

Datalogic PM8500The Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport in Italy chooses Datalogic bar code readers for passenger boarding control

The Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport chooses Datalogic Scanning, the world’s leading manufacturer of bar code scanners, to automate the boarding pass control process of passengers with access to the security check zone of the airport.

Applying bar code scanning to this security application ensures access control at the airport is much quicker and safer. The operator in charge of verifying the access of passengers to the boarding area reads the PDF bar code on the boarding pass with the Datalogic PowerScan™ PM8500 handheld bar code reader. The boarding pass can be issued at the check-in desk, printed at home via the Internet or received on the passenger’s mobile phone via SMS or MMS messaging.

The code is then transmitted to the host system, which sends back a message appearing to the reader’s display and an instruction that turns on an LED after the appropriate checks. According to the different colors of the LED (green, yellow or red) the security operator is either authorized to let passengers enter the check-in area for final verification before boarding, or to refuse access due to a cancelled flight or other issues. In the case of access rejection, the reason is explained in the message found on the display of the bar code reader.

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CHRU (Tours) is leading the fight against cancer with Datalogic Mobile terminals

Posted July 16, 2010

CHRU uses the Memor™ to assure hospital employees mobility while keeping connected to the main system

The Regional Hospital Center/University of Tours (CHRU) campus area benefits from a privileged position in the heart of the region. The establishment employs over 7,000 people, making it a formidable player in the regional economy. This public health establishment groups together 6 hospitals offering the most important medical services (medicine, surgery, injury department…). Since 1998, the CHRU of Tours has accommodated a number of construction and renovation projects, so as to ensure the availability of structures which are customized to meet the new requirements of the medical industry and to be able to respond to the patients and their families’ needs. Today, the CHRU of Tours includes over 2,000 beds, provides services to over 65,000 people a year and is looking for ways to accommodate another 375 people a day.

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Rugged Mobile Computers — Which Operating System Is Right For You?

Posted July 16, 2010

A White Paper By Datalogic Mobile Inc.


Mobile computers have become ubiquitous in the enterprise, from the warehouse floor to the boardroom. Thanks to advancements in processor speeds, reductions in cost, and the development of robust and reliable wireless local and wide-area networks, an increasing number of businesses have deployed mobile devices across a wide array of applications — warehouse management, sales force automation, field service, point of sale, and others.

Because mobile computers must, in many cases, communicate in real time with back-end business systems, the mobile operating systems (OS) on these devices play a key role in the successful integration of mobile applications with the wider corporate IT infrastructure. In the case of rugged or semi-rugged mobile devices targeted at vertical applications, the OS of choice has been Microsoft Windows CE.

However, over the past several years, new OS platform options have emerged from both Microsoft and other providers that have made the mobile operating system landscape more complicated. Since a mobile computing deployment can have significant security, productivity, and IT ramifications on the business, a careful approach to OS selection will help ensure a successful implementation and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of these devices.

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Datalogic Magellan 3200VSi High Performance Omni-directional Barcode Scanner

Posted July 16, 2010

Datalogic Magellan 3200VSiThe World’s First Single Plane Scanner Powered by Imaging Technology

As the newest member of the industry leading Magellan bar code readers, this revolutionary scanner will expand existing point-of-sale (POS) capabilities for retailers by combining the performance of laser barcode scanners with the ability to read two-dimensional (2-D) bar code symbologies.

The Magellan 3200VSi scanner uses new imaging technology and software developed by Datalogic Scanning to increase scanning performance on hard-to-read bar codes. This scanner also features high performance sweep capability with omni-directional reading to further enhance the productivity of cashiers. By improving first pass read rates, the Magellan 3200VSi scanner yields a performance gain for the retailer’s check-out by ensuring faster and better customer service, while increasing operational efficiency. Additionally, the ability to scan the most popular 2-D bar codes gives the retailer the capability to support emerging applications like bar code-based mobile marketing, which requires the inclusion of more data in smaller spaces.

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Datalogic Scanning Announces Partnership with Mobile Marketing Provider

Posted May 12, 2010

Datalogic 1100iContinuing to leverage the rapidly expanding mobile commerce and marketing trends in retail, Datalogic Scanning is pleased to announce its joint marketing agreement with RocketBux, a white label mobile marketing services provider.

With over 2.4 billion active users worldwide and 10 times as many consumer access points as the wired internet, the mobile marketing industry is positioned for unprecedented growth. These statistics are not lost on retailers, payment processors or loyalty companies who are eagerly adopting services to take full advantage of this new, high-growth channel.

Datalogic Scanning and RocketBux began working together in 2008 by deploying several mobile commerce pilot programs utilizing Datalogic’s new imaging-based POS bar code scanners and RocketBux’s leading suite of mobile commerce tools, which includes bar codes that are generated by mobile phones. Datalogic Scanning selected RocketBux because their solutions are simple to use and require no special downloads or applications.

RocketBux’s bar coded products work extremely well with Datalogic’s exclusive Illumix™ Intelligent Illumination Technology, which enables retailers to quickly and easily read bar codes from mobile phones without any cashier or user intervention at the POS. They also use superior, patented bar code optimization technology with either 1D or 2D codes. Both companies agree these features are necessary to achieve the broadest adoption rate among consumers.

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