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Datalogic Mobile Computers Help Furniture Store Manage Its Inventory

Posted January 28, 2011

Challenge: Improve labeling operations in order to concentrate on customer relations

Combining the concepts of travel and decoration, Maisons du Monde is a retailer specializing in furniture and interior decoration with 200 shops. A true success story, the retailer has been able to rise to prominence in a booming market and expand to several European countries in less than 15 years.

Maisons du Monde’s original positioning and its collections that are renewed continuously to adapt to current trends are the retailer’s winning qualities. In this logistical environment where the management of stock and collections is essential, the French brand has decided to turn to various technological partners who can introduce an innovative marking and identification system.

In order to enable its shop assistants to concentrate on the customers rather than on restrictive and particularly time-consuming labeling operations, the retailer wanted to introduce modern and progressive mobile technologies for item labeling and in-store inventory management of different collections.

Maisons du Monde turned to industrial partners specializing in marking and printing who were capable of implementing a universal solution very quickly in all shops in France.

A few essential requirements were established in order to deal with the enormity of the project and the extremely short deadline:

  • “PDA/mobile printers” materials must ensure that items are handled rapidly, while making employees fully mobile
  • Predominantly centralized technical support management must enable each shop to be run remotely without requiring a technician to work on-site

“In contrast to large-scale food retail, specialist retailers, such as Maisons du Monde do not have a digital price display system using electronic labels, enabling prices to be modified remotely. In-store relabeling and stocktaking are carried out manually and require significant attention; a pricing error has irreparable negative consequences on customers”, explains Guillaume Cesbron, chief information officer at Maisons du Monde. ” Faced with this problem, we therefore looked for a fully mobile, non cumbersome, highly reliable material and software solution, that used portable PDA mobile devices linked to wireless printers“, he adds.

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Datalogic Elf PDA Receives AT&T Certification

Posted January 28, 2011

Elf, the rugged PDA from Datalogic, receives certification for voice and data communications on AT&T networks

Datalogic received certification from AT&T for the Datalogic Elf, a rugged PDA mobile computer, to access the AT&T wireless network for voice and data communications. This gives the Datalogic Elf access to the nation’s largest provider of broadband with over 17.4 million total broadband connections.

“AT&T certification adds another network option for our end users” says Tom Burke, Vice President of Product Marketing. “Elf users can roam throughout the country and maintain broadband connectivity to their enterprise almost seamlessly.”

Datalogic Mobile designed Elf from the ground up with the technology and ruggedness to meet the needs of applications in Field Service, Field Sales, Delivery, Retail and Logistics. Elf connectivity options include: UMTS HSDPA mobile radio for voice and data communication, ideal for connecting to the AT&T wireless network.

Elf includes embedded 802.11 a/b/g radio with CCX V4 certification for secure enterprise-class mobile connectivity. Elf packs cutting edge features into a compact form factor built for single handed operation.

Disinfectant-Ready Barcode Scanner Enclosures for Healthcare Environments

Posted January 26, 2011

In any area of a healthcare facility, the need to limit the spread of germs is critial to improve patient care and protect employees in direct contact with infected patients. This can be particularly important if the barcode scanner is traveling room-to-room on a medication cart, stationed in a high-traffic area, or used by multiple personnel. To protect patients and employees, shared equipment must always be kept in a clean, sanitary condition; yet, routine cleaning of data collection devices with harsh chemicals can erode plastic enclosures over time and potentially damage internal components.

Datalogic disinfectant-ready barcode scanners

To solve this challenge, Datalogic‘s Disinfectant-Ready enclosures are designed to withstand daily cleaning with harsh disinfectant chemical solutions to effectively fight germs and bacteria. These special plastic enclosures are treated with silver ion-based anti-microbial additives to earn their anti-microbial status. These additives have been proven to inhibit microbial growth on the scanner’s surface when tested against standards JIS Z 2801:2000. This standard is internationally recognized by the healthcare industry and certifies that specific germs and other micro-organisms are inhibited by the silver ion-based additives. Datalogic’s Disinfectant-Ready enclosures are additionally coupled with industry leading IP sealing ratings to further protect the scanners internal components from intrusion by chemicals and other liquids.

Protect your technology investment as well as your patients and employees health with Disinfectant-Ready enclosures from Datalogic and ensure years of dependable and reliable scanning performance.

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Datalogic Falcon X3 Mobile Computer

Posted January 10, 2011

Power³ technology gives the new Falcon™ X3 from Datalogic Mobile the power and features to tackle applications required by today’s high speed supply chains.

The new Datalogic Falcon X3 provides real time data capture and communication, assuring accurate inventories and maximizing productivity. Available with either laser scanner or 2D imager, the Falcon™ X3 can be configured to match the needs of any department. Both laser and imager come with Datalogic patented Green Spot good read feedback assuring accuracy. Packaged with Windows CE or Windows Mobile 6.5, the Falcon™ X3 integrates seamlessly with WMS and ERP management systems. Plus, the Falcon™ X3’s Summit Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g radio provides maximized coverage, thanks to a unique diversity antenna system.

Attention to ergonomics is seen throughout the Falcon™ X3. The pistol grip version offers an arched handle and ergonomic trigger, making high frequency scanning operations comfortable throughout the day. The numeric and alphanumeric keyboards are set up placing high use keys at the operator’s fingertips, with a universal numeric phone key layout. The crisp QVGA display and backlit keyboard make it easy to work in dark indoor or extremely bright outdoor environments. The Falcon™ X3 is built rugged, resisting numerous drops from 6 feet, while IP64 level sealing protects the unit from dust and liquids.

Datalogic Mobile’s software and service tools complete the new Falcon™ X3 with preloaded and pre-licensed Wavelink® Avalanche™ and Terminal Emulation. This makes the mobile computer ready to go out of the box for rapid deployment and centralized management. Other software tools included are the Datalogic Desktop, Configuration, and Firmware Utilities to customize and update device configuration.

Datalogic Mobile also offers a comprehensive suite of maintenance service programs to protect the Falcon™ X3 investment.

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Free Inventory, Asset Tracking, Data Collection and Order Entry Apps for Datalogic Windows Mobile Computers

Posted December 23, 2010

Datalogic PalDatalogic has just introduced “Pal“, a free suite of simple data collection apps for all Windows CE & Windows Mobile based Datalogic handheld computers.

Pal apps are compatible with Memor, Elf, Falcon 4400 series, Pegaso, J Series, Kyman and Skorpio mobile computers.

Right out of the box, Pal makes it easy to collect data, transfer it, view on your mobile computer, and load it into an Excel spreadsheet.

The Pal suite of apps includes:

  • Shelf Inventory – Perfect for performing a physical inventory or cycle counting in your store or warehouse. Data collected includes location, SKU and quantity.
  • Asset Tracking – Quickly and easily take an asset inventory. Data collected includes location and asset.
  • Shelf Replenishment – Instantly generate a pick list to replenish low shelf stock. Data collected includes store, shelf ID, SKU and quantity.
  • Order Entry – Place an order in the field to replenish stock. Data collected includes site, order id, SKU and quantity.
  • Communicator – Pal Communicator is a PC application that allows the transfer of data on demand or automatically between your PC and a Datalogic handheld. This utility also provides features data viewing in Excel, or Notepad.

The apps are ready to use, but can also be configured to meet your specific needs.

Download free Pal data collection apps for Datalogic mobile computers

Improving Store Systems Efficiency Through the Use of Mobile Devices

Posted December 21, 2010

The use of mobile devices has long been commonplace in retail stores across the globe. A recent survey by AMR Research/Gartner concluded that mobile store technologies will cover 72% of all retail locations during this year. Most significantly, the report added that the average number of mobile devices per store will grow from 4 to 16. In the UK, very few of the leading 200 retailers do not use any form of mobile device in their stores.

The benefits of using such devices in store have become simply far too compelling for retailers not to invest. The efficiency improvements and costs savings always result in an extremely rapid Return on Investment (ROI). Coupled with the need to offer an improved customer shopping experience to stay head of the competition, the arguments for investing in mobile technology are quite overwhelming.

The purpose of this White Paper is to explore the main drivers for this explosion of mobile technology and to provide a summary outline of the primary benefits from the retailers’ perspective.


In a fiercely competitive landscape, retailers have been long driven to make every penny count, in a never ending quest to reduce costs and increase margins. Whatever the store environment, the same challenge persists, namely to maintain and manage stock to the optimum level. Since the introduction of commercial bar coding in the 1970s, retail items have long carried a globally unique number to track each item at either consumer or traded unit level. The first deployment of item tracking came in the form of installing scanners to read bar codes at the Point of Sale. This produced immediate productivity and efficiency gains by dramatically speeding up the checkout process, substantially reducing errors and providing an accurate picture of inventory.

These same speed and accuracy benefits apply when bar code scanning is integrated within a mobile device. Quickly after the first wave of the introduction of POS scanners, the benefits of item tracking were translated to track goods-in movements, perpetual inventory and replenishment by installing mobile devices with built in bar code scanners.

Handheld barcode scanner mobile computers started to appear in the retail store environment as early as the 1970s. Most retailers in the UK are now on their second, third or even fourth generation of mobile devices. The Handheld barcode scanner mobile computer is regarded as a mission critical tool which occupies a place at the heart of most progressive retailers’ store systems’ strategy.

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Large Food Distributor Pioneers Cordless Point-of-sale System

Posted November 23, 2010

Gruppo Maiorana, One of Italy’s Largest Food Distributors Chooses Datalogic Scanning’s PowerScan Readers to Outfit Cash & Carry Outlets


Gruppo Maiorana S.p.A. is the holding company of one of the strongest leaders in the food distribution market as well as one of the largest commercial real estate holders in central and southern Italy. Gruppo Maiorana’s extensive field experience, local market knowledge and professionalism are among the factors that have contributed most to its growth.

The operating companies of the group include Maiorana Maggiorino S.p.A., a commercial market service company handling food distribution and wholesale cash & carry outlets, and Emme Più S.r.l., a retail company that directly manages a chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The Challenge

Although Gruppo Maiorana is a 35 year industry veteran, it has the characteristics of a modern company with new facilities dedicated to monitoring business management, marketing and information systems. With these facilities, Gruppo Maiorana’s ceD department (Centro Elaborazione Dati or Data Processing Center) is able to develop all IT projects internally. using the most competent, leading-edge hardware, this department led Gruppo Maiorana to become one of the first to install cordless bar code readers at its cash & carry outlet, Maiorana Maggiorino.

With the intention of equipping their stores with powerful tools to optimize business processes, Maiorana Maggiorino decided to invest in a new bar code scanning solution to upgrade its point-of-sale (POS) systems. since Maiorana Maggiorino carries over 30,000 different products, the hardware needed to be able to read diverse bar code symbologies (i.e. 1D linear and stacked codes) in all types of quality. The solution also needed to be cordless to provide the operator with the freedom to move, especially with two operators working: one to scan the customer’s items and the other to complete the transaction.

The Solution

After testing, Maiorana Maggiorino purchased Datalogic’s Powerscan PM8300-D readers with display screen to handle transactions at the Pos. “Datalogic scanning’s proven reliability and excellent reputation combined with the field testing of several other Auto ID technologies made us confident in selecting the Powerscan PM8300 readers,” said Fabio Mancini, Purchasing and ceD Manager, Gruppo Maiorana S.p.A.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Verifies Patient Orders with Datalogic Bar code Readers

Posted October 21, 2010

Datalogic GD4100Apoteket Ensures ‘The Right Medicine for the Right Patient’ with Datalogic Scanning’s Gryphon™ Bar Code Readers


Apoteket is a non-profit pharmaceutical production and distribution center located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company produces both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for local residents. It is Apoteket’s mission to provide patients with the correct medication, in the proper dosage, at the right time. Since Apoteket is state-owned, it also acts as a ‘communication hub’ between the government and nine million swedes to ensure that patients receive their medications without price variation throughout the country.

The Challenge

Apoteket has 28 production facilities that fill prescriptions for more than 150,000 patients residing in special care housing.

Since most of the patients are elderly, it is critical to deliver correct medications. “Failure to do so could be a matter of life and death,” says richard Hellström, technical Manager at Apoteket.

To eliminate the opportunity for errors at this critical point in production, Apoteket invested in a bar code system for prescription order verification. In this system, bar code scanners are used to read labels during production and packaging to verify that the selected medications are placed into the correct prescription package. the only problem was that the production operators struggled with the reading range and performance of Apoteket’s current scanning solution.

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Datalogic’s PreScan Queue-Busting system Lends a Hand to Online Shoppers

Posted October 20, 2010

Datalogic IGA

IGA Grocer Uses Datalogic Scanning’s PreScan Queue-Buster to Facilitate the Execution of a Successful Online Shopping Program, “Need a Hand?”


IGA North Sydney is a supermarket located on the north side of the Sydney Harbor in Australia, the heart of Sydney’s second largest Central Business District (BBD) precinct. Founded in 1993, IGA North Sydney has grown to become one of the most successful stores in the IGA network. one of the keys to IGA North Sydney’s success is leveraging new technologies to differentiate their customer offering. It’s safe to say their strategy has worked as their growing customer base recently required a checkout expansion to quadruple customer capacity at the point-of-sale (POS).

The Challenge

Located in a prominent business district, IGA North Sydney wanted to reach an untapped market in the area: local business people who are short on time and prefer to do their shopping online. To support this market, IGA North Sydney decided to implement a customized software tool and create an online shopping program called “Need a Hand?” the 100% complementary service allows customers to avoid the tedious task of grocery shopping yet still access the store’s entire suite of products from the comfort of their home / office.
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Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi: Breakthrough Single Plane Imaging Barcode Scanner

Posted October 20, 2010

Datalogic 3300HSiThe Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi high performance omni-directional barcode scanner is the latest imaging-based scanner from Datalogic. Accompanying the recently announced Magellan 3200VSi scanner, the Magellan 3300HSi scanner is the world’s first single plane in-counter barcode scanner to use imaging technology. The result is a bar code scanner that leverages the reading performance of laser barcode scanners with added benefits, including the ability to read two-dimensional (2-D) bar code symbologies.

The Magellan 3300HSi scanner uses new imaging technology and software developed by Datalogic to considerably improve the scanner’s first pass read rates on hard-to-read bar codes, such as truncated codes and GS1 DataBar codes. This yields a performance gain for the retailer’s point-of-sale system by increasing operational efficiency while ensuring faster and better customer service.

Imaging technology significantly enhances the reliability of the Magellan 3300HSi scanner by using a solid-state design. By eliminating the need for high-speed motors and laser diodes, the Magellan 3300HSi scanner has an improved mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) rate, which reflects in an improvement in the retailer’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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