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Unitech Releases MS246 Card Reader

Posted September 21, 2011

Unitech MS246Unitech has released the newest addition to its family of magnetic stripe readers, the MS246. This intelligent and programmable magstripe reader offers exceptional performance in a small package. The uniquely designed housing allows the MS246 to be mounted in various orientations with threaded inserts or Velcro, and a 6-foot cable increases its flexibility.

The MS246 is able to read up to 3 tracks of magnetic stripe card data regardless of swiping direction or speed. The user can easily recognize successful reads with a beeper and tri-color LED indicator. The output format can also be customized with its own user friendly Windows-based MSR Reader Configuration Manager. The MS246 is ideal for a variety of applications including POS and Security.

Configure an IDTech Credit Card Reader for PayPal Virtual Terminal

Posted July 13, 2010

These directions will help you configure your IDTech credit card reader to automatically submit credit card information via the PayPal Virtual Terminal.

  1. Download paypal-virtual-terminal.cfs2 to your desktop or other easily accessible location.

  2. Download IDTech Configuration Software

  3. Install the IDTech Configuration software

  4. Plug your IDTech credit card reader into your computer

  5. Open the "MagSwipe Configuration Utility" from the Start Menu

  6. Click the “Change Advanced Reader Settings” button

  7. Click the "Data Editing" tab then click “Load from file” button

  8. Select the paypal-virtual-terminal.cfs2 file you downloaded in step #1

  9. Click "Send to MSR"

  10. Open the PayPal Virtual Terminal in your web browser

  11. Place your cursor in the "Credit Card Number" field

  12. Swipe credit card

  13. The card information should be submited and your browser will automatically go to "Review Transaction"

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MagTek iDynamo Credit Card Reader for iPhone and iPod Touch

Posted April 14, 2010

MagTek’s iDynamo Secures Sensitive Cardholder Data While Stopping Counterfeit Card Fraud at Point of Sale

MagTek, a global leader in retail electronic payment security, today announced the launch of iDynamo, the latest MagneSafe credit card reader, specifically designed to interface with card present payment applications made for the iPad, iPhone 3G and 3GS, and iPod Touch.

MagTek’s iDynamo will be immediately available to thousands of end-users who want to process payments from their phone as part of its MagneSafe integrated solution to fully encrypt and protect cardholder data at the earliest point of entry—when the card is swiped.

“We are very excited about the release of the iDynamo and its ability to secure card present transactions for mobile merchants,” noted John Arato, vice president of MagTek’s retail business unit. “As fraud continues to be an issue for the payment industry, we recognize our customers need products that will help them to mitigate their risk and comply with the PCI Data Security Standards while making the solution affordable for any size merchant.”

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