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ASAP Systems Releases the Redesigned User Interface for Passport 6.0

Posted September 3, 2014

ASAP Systems has released an impressive redesigned user interface that allows users to choose between a few user interfaces, color schemes, and fonts, among other settings. The new Passport 6.0 user interface settings were engineered to serve a variety of technical skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Performing inventory and asset management tasks is now easier and faster than ever before.

In the user settings area, users can now choose between the “classic” user interface view, and the new “multi-pane” or “tile” views. Passport users that are most comfortable navigating through the “classic” view can continue to use it with the same functionalities. Alternatively, for Windows users, the “tile” view mimics the look and feel of the latest Windows OS user interface. It displays tiles for different transactions, reports, and graphical analysis as the user scrolls horizontally. In the “multi-pane” view, designed for beginner users, there is a step-by-step “quick start” dashboard, a lifecycle diagram, recent transactions, and a graphical “snapshot” of data. Beyond the visual improvement of the user interface, the lasting effect of the upgrade is amplified inventory control for new and experienced users.

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ASAP Systems Introduces New UPC Lookup Function to Improve Asset and Inventory Efficiency

Posted June 18, 2014

unnamedASAP Systems, a leader in asset and inventory tracking systems, has enriched the user experience for its online application, BarCloud, by giving customers the ability to look up assets and inventory by universal product codes (UPC’s). Users can easily perform this search in order to find useful information on products that are registered in UPC databases. The new feature saves users time by reducing manual data-entry and eliminating the need to leave BarCloud to find specific product information.

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ASAP Systems Announces Healthcare Industry Expansion with Passport Inventory System to Track Medical Inventory and Assets

Posted March 20, 2014

ASAP Passport Assets Asset Tracking SoftwareA high volume of organizations within the healthcare industry relies on ASAP Systems’ inventory and asset tracking system, Passport, to quickly and easily track inventory to save time and money and improve stock management performance. Healthcare organizations such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical enterprises and clinics gain immediate efficiency using Passport for top-notch inventory control of medical equipment, consumable medical supplies, and material and document management coordination.

With Passport, managing healthcare supplies becomes an automated process to save time, reduce shrinkage and allocate resources in the most proficient way. Medication and supplies are easily and accurately tracked in Passport using batch-lot numbers with expiration dates; thus, improving performance in batch-lot inventory management. In addition, healthcare organizations are able to track other inventories such as standard, serialized and serialized with quantity to reduce unexpected shortages and reduce time to receive and consume inventory.

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Unitech and ASAP Systems Partner with BarcodesInc for Mobile Asset and Inventory System

Posted January 28, 2011

Unitech and ASAP Systems today announced a strategic partnership which will allow BarcodesInc customers to take advantage of ASAP Systems Mobile Passport Asset and Inventory Solution. This exciting new partnership is designed to serve the end consumer by lowering total cost of ownership, achieving greater business agility and increasing ROI with respect to their mobile device deployments using the Unitech PA500 and PA600 mobile computers.

“We credit the BarcodesInc team for introducing Unitech to this exceptional ASAP Systems solution software and look forward a long term relationship with ASAP Systems”, said Matthew Gonzales, Unitech Midwest Territory Manager.

For inventory and asset tracking applications, ASAP Systems has certified software on two Unitech mobile computers: The PA500 (exclusively at Barcodes Inc) and the PA600 models. These rugged devices feature multiple data collection and wireless connectivity options, providing maximum productivity, efficiency while creating a cost effective solution. With durable construction and a strong environmental seal, these mobile computers are suitable for applications in even the harshest working environments.

Unitech and ASAP Systems have made the primary aim of their partnership to provide customers with increased productivity, secure assets and reliable devices. The combination of ASAP Systems dependable Passport software and Unitech’s reliable, rugged hardware creates a set of solutions that do just that.

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