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What are the benefits of real-time information in small inventory environments?

Posted April 14, 2010

Inventory advice for small to medium businesses from Will Daniel, COO IntelliTrack.

I don’t know about you but I operate in a real time world. My home office is a virtual location over 3000 miles from IntelliTrack Headquarters. My phone is an IP (Internet Protocol) connection that allows instant global communication. My Blu-ray player and television are wirelessly connected to our home network hub. Forbid we should even discuss the communications capabilities of our cellular devices. In short, like me and you, more and more of us are living in a world of real-time access to information where the deterrent of human intervention has been removed. So why as our personal lives become ever more assisted and dependent upon instant access to information, do we continue to shortcut our business needs and processes with antiquated batch data collection programs and processes?

The old argument was “COST”. That is simply not true anymore. Wireless and wireless-enabled devices are a commodity. The price differential between a wireless portable data collector and a batch data collection device can be measured in less than a couple hundred dollars. Wireless access points and infrastructure particularly for smaller environments are similarly priced and ever more affordable.

Did you know that unlike our direct competition 90% of IntelliTrack DMS and WMS products are Real-Time enabled right Out-Of-the-Box (OOB)? We are the only company at our price point to offer you the choice between batch processing and wireless real time processing with the advanced feature set to support your small inventory management needs providing significant benefits over any similar Out-of-Box product.

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Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for the Apple iPad

Posted April 14, 2010

Opticon OPN2002Opticon’s OPN2006 Bluetooth barcode scanner pairs with popular PDA’s, mobile handheld computers, and tablets like the Apple iPad.

  • Enhance mobile devices with laser scanning capability
  • Simple HID pairing
  • Lower your TCO
  • Provide accurate real time data management
  • Tiny form factor
  • Economical price

World’s Largest Furniture Retailer Selects Datalogic Skorpio for Goods Flow

Posted April 14, 2010

Datalogic SkorpioThe world’s largest furniture retailer invests in a mobile computing solution with Datalogic Mobile

A world renown furniture retailer has chosen the Datalogic Skorpio™ to facilitate the handling & tracing of incoming goods. The investment amounts to several thousands of units in the company’s furniture stores around the world.

The Datalogic Skorpio™ was chosen among its competitors to be used in the company’s new logistics system to handle goods flow. This handheld device offers a Windows operating system, simplified numeric keyboard, excellent ergonomics and extreme ruggedness. In addition, the Datalogic Green Spot assures good read feedback, even in noisy environments. This, along with its service program and management software, Wavelink® Avalanche, guarantees an effective, stable, secure and user-friendly solution in hundreds of stores every day.

The Datalogic Skorpio™ also offers other advantages. The Ethernet 4-slot cradle is the most compact in its class, allowing the mobile computer to be recharged even in the most crowded areas of the warehouse. Thanks to this accessory, the Datalogic Skorpio™ installed in-field can be remotely managed using the Wavelink® Avalanche™ console. The option of using the handheld terminal or the Gun model is also given. The furniture store can choose between these two options, based on its needs for the various store applications.

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Epson ReadyPrint T20 Low-Cost Thermal POS Printer

Posted April 14, 2010

Epson T20ReadyPrint Brings Epson Quality to Low-Volume SMB Customers

Epson, a leading supplier of value-added Point of Sale (POS) solutions, introduced its new ReadyPrint™ T20 thermal printer, a low-cost receipt printing solution for small retailers. Combining basic POS printing functionality, high reliability and exceptional ease-of-use, ReadyPrint is the ideal choice for retailers having a low volume of POS transactions and those transitioning from ECR to PC-based POS systems. ReadyPrint is the newest addition to Epson’s growing line of reliable, energy-efficient thermal receipt printers and represents the company’s entry into the growing and highly-competitive retail SMB market.

ReadyPrint offers an ideal low-volume, cost-effective solution along with fast and easy integration and software included to speed application programming. Packaged as an all-in-one-box solution, the printer ships with all the components required for fast installation at the customer’s site including drivers, utilities, cables and power supply. Based on Epson’s advanced printing technology, ReadyPrint has been tested to meet Epson’s stringent design and performance standards, providing resellers with the reliable performance their customers demand.

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Unitech PA600 Gets an Upgrade

Posted April 13, 2010

Unitech PA600One of Unitech’s most popular products, the PA600 mobile computer, has been upgraded.

Still the competitively priced, versatile device customers know, the next generation PA600 features a more advanced operating system and enhanced functionality users are looking for. Unitech is committed to providing products that deliver the best possible value to customers.

The PA600 now features a Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, Intel PXA270 624MHz processor and more robust wireless connectivity, to deliver a faster response and more powerful connection for mobile workers.

With its integrated laser scanner, color touch-screen and 20 key-keypad, the PA600 makes data collection simple. The device is ergonomically designed, weighs only 10 ounces, and features a battery life up to 11 hours, making it ideal for scan-intensive applications.

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Intermec Printers Give RH Foster a Fresh Approach to Food Labeling

Posted April 13, 2010

Benefits Summary

RH Foster saved approximately:

  • 10 seconds per food item
  • 2.5 labor hours a week,
    equating to 130 hours saved

Convenience store chain eliminates the need for computers, reducing costs and improving worker productivity

Not all the sandwiches RH Foster makes and sells at its chain of Exxon-Mobile convenience stores in Maine are triple-deckers, but labeling them for sale was always a laborious three-step process. Once sandwiches were made and wrapped, the store clerk would apply a preprinted label that identified the sandwiches and its ingredients. The clerk would then grab a labeling gun to set and produce the price label. Finally, the clerk would take a separate labeling gun and set the date to make a "use by" freshness label. That’s three separate steps, and the final product wasn’t even bar coded, resulting in an extra manual step to ring up the sandwiches at the point of sale.

The process also created support requirements at headquarters, where the sandwiches and other food product labels were printed. The foodservice manager would personally print all the labels and either ship or deliver them to retail locations, and was responsible for ensuring each store had enough of the dozens of different product labels that were used. Stores would sometimes run out of preprinted labels and would have to create handwritten ones until a new supply arrived, or end up throwing away labels when ingredients changed or sandwiches were discontinued.

RH Foster wanted to find a smarter way to label its Freshies®- brand products, which are made fresh in each of the company’s 12 retail locations each day. What it found was a smart labeling process that takes advantage of intelligence embedded in an in-store label printer to take time, steps, guesswork and errors out of preparing product labels. RH Foster credits the system for saving at least 130 labor hours per store, per year.

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BarcodesInc Achieves Zebra Premier Partner® Status

Posted April 12, 2010

Zebra Premier Partner

After years of close partnership, BarcodesInc has earned Premier Partner® status with Zebra Technologies.

Premier Partner® is a designation given by Zebra to only to a select few partners in the US.

The new status represents years of experience and commitment to Zebra printers from BarcodesInc.

About BarcodesInc

BarcodesInc is a leading provider of barcode, mobile computing, point of sale and RFID products and solutions. Over the past fifteen years, BarcodesInc has worked hard to earn a reputation for being dedicated, reliable, and customer-oriented.

About Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies Corporation provides the broadest range of innovative technology solutions to identify, track, and manage the deployment of critical assets for improved business efficiency. Zebra’s core technologies include reliable on-demand printer and state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions. By enabling improvements in sourcing, visibility, security and accuracy, Zebra helps its customers to put the right asset in the right place at the right time. Zebra serves more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

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Printronix T5000r Thermal Barcode Printer Earns ENERGY STAR Rating

Posted April 9, 2010

Printronix T5000rPrintronix is pleased to announce that we are the first to earn the ENERGY STAR on our T5000r thermal bar code and SL5000r RFID printers. The T5000r and SL5000r are the only thermal printers in their class to meet the latest 2009 ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Imaging Equipment*. These printers will help companies to reach their corporate sustainability initiatives by reducing energy consumption and utility bills.

Plug-and-Play Printers for Every Environment

We now provide T5000r and SL5000r users with the most thermal printer emulations as a standard feature for quick and easy replacement of multiple printer brands. You may need to make rapid printer upgrades or streamline operations following mergers and acquisitions. We’ve added Monarch and IER emulations, giving the T5000r and SL5000r printers support for a total of seven thermal emulations, which includes Zebra, Intermec, TEC, SATO, Datamax, Monarch and IER. This extensive emulation support, combined with micro-stepping technology, means the T5000r and SL5000r ENERGY STAR printers have unparalleled application and output compatibility.

Feature Enhancements Ensure Adaptability to Future Business Applications

The latest features to come standard on every T5000r and SL5000r printer will help you not only to accommodate current applications, but also to plan for the future. Each printer now comes with built-in Ethernet and the highest memory in the industry at 64MB DRAM and 16MB Flash. Enhanced label sensing technology expands the range of media compatible with the printer. In addition, the T5000r thermal bar code printer is field upgradable to RFID to meet the changing demands of business applications. The SL5000r RFID printer includes EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 certified hardware. Both the T5000r and SL5000r offer optional functionality for wireless environments when combined with our mobile PrintCart. The lower power consumption enables prolonged use of the printer, resulting in less frequent charging and productivity improvement.

Low Frequency RFID Reader Now Available for Socket SoMo 650 Handheld Computers

Posted April 7, 2010

Socket SoMo 650Socket Mobile announced the addition of GAO RFID to the Socket Third-Party Accessory Recommendation (STAR) Program. GAO has established itself as a worldwide supplier of RFID products and integrated solutions for various markets including healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and field service.

“We’ve had an influx of customers interested in purchasing low frequency (LF) RFID options for their SoMo® 650 handheld computers, particularly for applications involving asset management and access control,” said Ron Gibbs, Sr. product manager and STAR Program manager at Socket Mobile. “We’re happy to recommend GAO RFID solutions to our handheld computing customers and to have them on board as our first LF RFID solution provider in the STAR Program.”

“We’re excited about this opportunity to work with Socket and deliver additional value to an excellent product. Our CF Card RFID Reader maintains Socket’s commitment to provide quality products that are easy to use, O/S compatible and that help deliver quick ROI,” said Dr. Frank Gao, CEO of GAO RFID.

The first GAO RFID reader qualified as compatible with the Socket SoMo 650 is the 125kHz Low Frequency PDA CF Interface RFID Reader 221002.

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Datamax-O’Neil MP Compact4 Mark II and the MP Compact4 Mobile Mark II Compact Printers Coming in April

Posted March 31, 2010

Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 Mobile Mark IIThe Industry’s Most Compact Ruggedized Printers Now Offer Higher Print Quality and Performance, and Expanded Emulation Capabilities

Datamax-O’Neil, part of Dover Corporation’s Product Identification Platform and global provider of label and receipt printing solutions, introduces a new generation of its MP Compact printer family, now designated the MP Compact4 Mark II and the MP Compact4 Mobile Mark II. The new models, which will be available in April, incorporate the following features:

* Datamax-O’Neil’s DPL printer language
* Optional W-LAN 802.11 B/G with WPA2 security protocol
* IntelliSEAQ™ printhead which provides analytics and reporting capabilities
* Expanded emulation capabilities
* “Top of Form” multi-function sensor

“The MP Compact4 Mark II printers have an incredibly small footprint which allows them to be used in applications where space is limited,” said Umesh Cooduvalli, senior product manager for Datamax-O’Neil. “Their compact size takes up less than half the space of a traditional desktop label printer but with the same duty cycle and strength.”

The rugged printers are constructed on a solid cast metal frame and protected with metal die cast covers. The printer is ideal at the front desk of a hospital or in the box office of a movie theatre.

The Compact4 Mobile Mark II is designed for installation on forklift trucks and mobile stations. It can operate from a connection to a forklift’s battery. Its vibration-proof design makes it the perfect choice for warehousing logistics.

The MP Compact series of printers have achieved considerable success in Europe. “We expect these printers to achieve similar success in other regions of the world,” Cooduvalli explained. “The new features we’ve incorporated into the latest Mark II generation printers make them an even more competitive offering.”

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