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Logic Controls Hardware certified for Aldelo

Posted November 19, 2009

Logic Controls LC8200Aldelo Systems Inc., the leading provider of low cost, feature rich and easy to use restaurant POS software solutions for the hospitality industry, has certified additional hardware from Logic Controls.

“Selecting the right hardware for a point of sale environment can be a difficult task; reliability and compatibility need to be considered. Using certified hardware makes this easy,” stated Harry Tu, CEO. “Aldelo is pleased to expand its list of certified Logic Controls hardware.”

Recently certified hardware includes:

  • All-in-one terminal model LA3801 which incorporates a built in MSR, ELO touch screen technology, and the processing power of 1 GB Ram, 80 GB HDD, XPPro.
  • Thermal USB printer model LR3000U with cable
  • Model LC8200 fanless, ventless PC configured with 1 GB Ram, 80 GB HDD and WePOS
  • 15¡” resistive touch screen monitor model LE1000
  • MSR model MR1000 U with tracks 1 and 2

Aldelo tests hardware with its software to make sure all submitted components function, are compatible, and are easy to set up or install. Aldelo verifies that manufacturer customer service is available if issues are found or if unexpected disasters do happen, warranty services exist and are reasonable. If issues do arise, Aldelo staff can test and attempt to reproduce the issue because the hardware is available onsite at Aldelo’s Modesto, California headquarters.

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Motorola MC9500 mobile computer video

Posted November 19, 2009

Here’s a good video showing the many of the features and benefits of the Motorola MC9500:

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CipherLab Mobile Computers Achieve Star Micronics Certification with Point Of Service Printers

Posted November 18, 2009

Star TSP800This joint solution automates on-the-go data capture and printing for increased efficiency in public safety, healthcare, retail, and industrial settings.

CipherLab, a leading innovator in Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) for the retail, warehouse and distribution markets, today announced that Star Micronics America, Inc. has certified CipherLab’s 9471 handheld mobile computer as compatible with its four-inch TSP800 Point of Service (POS) printer. Certification from the second largest POS printer manufacturer worldwide means that workers in industries such as public safety, healthcare, retail, and logistics can mobilize and automate receipt printing using a CipherLab handheld. This dual mobile printing solution, now available through BlueStar, results in increased efficiencies.

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Star HSP7000 Multifunction Printer Certified for SAP Point Of Sale

Posted November 18, 2009

Star HSP7000Star Micronics America, Inc. today announced that its HSP7000 multifunction (hybrid) printer has achieved SAP-certification for SAP Point of Sale (POS). Tier one retail customers utilizing the SAP Point of Sale application can now seamlessly add the HSP7000 to their point of sale solution.

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Teklynx Codesoft 9 Barcode Label Software now Available

Posted November 17, 2009


Unmatched ease of use, flexibility, and power for enterprise-wide label printing

CODESOFT 9 has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on interface design, usability, and ergonomics – making it the easiest to use for label design and printing in an enterprise environment. Whether you are connecting directly to a database or looking for advanced data manipulation CODESOFT is the most powerful option in the industry.

Unmatched Ease of Use

The most powerful bar code software for Enterprise environments is now the easiest to use. Whether you need to design a label, connect to a database, or create complex bar codes such as HIBC or GS1 Databar, new Wizards in CODESOFT 9 make bar code label creation quick and easy.

  • Database Variables Wizard connects your label to a database with two quick clicks.

  • TableLookup Wizard easily links your label to multiple databases simultaneously.

  • Database Connection Wizard creates a database connection to the most common databases (Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle,etc.).

  • Graphical Query Builder makes it easier to create simple or complex DB queries in a graphical way and includes a color syntax editor. For advanced users, the SQL mode is still available.

  • New Formula Wizard quickly builds a formula in just a few mouse clicks.

  • HIBC and GS1 Databar Wizards easily create complex industry standard bar codes.

  • Variable Filters allow you to easily change your queries at the moment of printing.

  • Expanded Image Library allows you to incorporate any image format (.jpg, .bmp, .tif, .eps) into your label design.

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DMG Selects Datalogic Scanning’s PowerScan® PM8300 Scanners to Equip its New Warehouse

Posted November 17, 2009

PowerScan PM8300DMG (De Mandemakers Groep) recently opened a new warehouse in Haven Zeven (Waalwijk, the Netherlands). the new facility is 43.000 m2 wide with a 15.000 m2 office area.

DMG has several activities. Among them, DMG purchases, stores and sends kitchen furniture, cabinets, appliances and parts for well-known European home stores. Mandemakers Keukens, Brugman Keukens & Badkamers, Keukenconcurrent, Wooning Keuken & Badkamers, Montel, sanders Meubelstad and Piet Klerkx are all known examples of DMG’s customers database.

The Challenge
The new warehouse contains a lot of kitchen equipment and parts! To optimize logistics operations, the warehouse has 50 loading docks.

DMG contacted a Datalogic scanning Quality Partner to study their equipment needs. DMG needed to track and trace incoming and outgoing goods, and improve stock management, using bar code readers in the new warehouse.

When Mr. Peter van Leijden and Mr. van der Snoek’s of DMG requested help, they realized a complete audit of all processes would be required to understand and identify DMG’s real needs and provide them with the right bar code scanning solution.

When goods are received in the warehouse, they are temporarily stocked and then delivered to the customer according to each order.

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Processing return shipments more smoothly and more quickly

Posted November 16, 2009

Zebra Z4M PlusOtto ranks as the world’s largest mail order company and offers its products by way of two main catalogs it publishes each year, but also through numerous seasonal and special interest catalogs and via electronic media.

Otto’s core business is catalog selling. Therefore, access to a robust Warehouse Management System that allows the company to process return shipments effectively is of great strategic importance. Within this context bar code printing is of particular importance. For example, identification of an article that has been returned takes place solely using bar codes. This means that the printing quality of the bar codes is of the highest importance in identifying items that have been returned and managing all of the other related processes.

In 2001, Otto implemented a new and more efficient system for managing stock and returns. Wolf Hartmann is department head of the returns day shift at Otto in Hamburg. He decided to implement bar code printers from Zebra Technologies in Obertshausen, Germany. This brand of printers has been used successfully by Otto for many years and has proven to be extremely reliable. In addition, Otto was convinced that ZebraLink, the innovative method of connecting and controlling printers, could be of great value to their company.

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Two completely smooth capacitive glass keyboards from Preh

Posted November 13, 2009

Preh has just announced two interesting glass-surfaced water-resistant keyboards with capacitive keys and four-levels of acoustic feedback.

The GTW 10  is designed for use in medical applications, can be operated while wearing surgical gloves, contains an integrated touchpad, and is resistant to acid(!).

The GTB 11 removes the touchpad, but adds dimmable blue backlighting. Though it’s recommended for the boardroom, it can also be operated while wearing surgical gloves (according to the photos).

It’s unknown how many keys can be simultaneously registered (hopefully enough for CTRL+ALT+DEL), or if the trackpad is multi-touch. It looks like it would take some adjustment to be comfortable touch-typing on these keyboards, but would make a buttonless trifecta alongside an iPhone and Magic Mouse.

Gallery after the jump.

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Price Check on the Bridge: Barcode Scanners Hidden in the new Star Trek

Posted November 12, 2009

Barcode scanners from BarcodesInc feature prominently in the USS Enterprise bridge in the latest Star Trek movie

If you pick up a copy of Star Trek on DVD next Tuesday be sure to hit pause a few times during scenes set in the bridge. Chances are, you will see one of 8 barcode scanners purchased by Paramount Pictures from BarcodesInc in the background.

Star Trek barcode scanners

If you don’t have the DVD, you can also find the scanners in many of the trailers and tv spots . The official Star Trek website contains a nice panorama of the Enterprise bridge where you can see all of the barcode scanners.

Here’s what you’re looking for:

Symbol M2004 Cyclone barcode scanner
Symbol M2004 Cyclone

Front and center of the bridge, above the controls, immediately below the viewscreen. These definitely get the most screen time.

Metrologic MS5440 Voyager barcode scanner
Metrologic MS9540 Voyager

2 on each table to the left and right of the captain’s chair.

Metrologic ORBIT MS 7120 barcode scanner
Metrologic ORBIT MS 7120

2 at the corners of each table immediately to the left and right of the view screen.

Whether you need barcode scanners for the point of sale, inventory management, asset tracking, or to adorn the set of your 23rd century science-fiction action blockbuster, be sure to contact BarcodesInc!

More barcode scanner shots from Star Trek

A nice shot that includes each type of scanner

The scanners might be upstaging Kirk here

Good view of the Metrologic ORBIT MS 7120 face (far right)

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Queues disappear with wireless printing solution

Posted November 12, 2009

Zebra RW 420 Portable PrinterByggmax sells building materials and has premises at 27 locations in Sweden. The product range consists of base products needed for construction work e.g. timber, insulation materials, plaster and cement. They have a drive-in service, which means that the customers drive their cars into the premises and load the goods they require from the yard and the storage area, themselves. Byggmax staff register the goods in the cars, whereupon the customers are given a sales order to take to the checkout. It used to take longer, as the sales staff wrote down all items by hand on the sales order and made all calculations on a pocket calculator. At the checkout the items on the paperwork were registered together with those the customer wished to purchase from within the store. There were often problems with queues forming, when the checkout staff needed to enter all the items on the hand-written slip.

After a six month trial period of the new system, it has been installed in all stores. The sales staff at Byggmax are equipped with handheld computers and mobile printers from Zebra Technologies. The handheld computers always have an up-to-date item register and communicate wirelessly both with the checkout environment and with the mobile printers. The sales order is printed out for the customer within one or two seconds of the goods being keyed in. There is a bar code on the slip referring to the customer (usually the registration number of the car). The checkout staff only need to scan the bar code in order to take payment for the goods, which the customer has loaded into the car. If a customer leaves the premises without having paid, the registration number can be used to contact the customer.

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