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Motorola MC959B Rugged Handheld Mobile Computer Flexible 3G Options

Posted October 1, 2010

Motorola MC959BMotorola announced the MC959B mobile computer – the industry’s first industrial handheld mobile computer that allows mobile workers to easily select the wireless network that best meets their needs. The MC959B is a data-only device and offers a dual 3G WAN modem that enables enterprises to deploy the device on multiple networks and switch between 3.5G GSM HSUPA and 3.5 CDMA EVDO Rev A connections.

  • The newest addition to Motorola’s premium-class MC9500-K series, the MC959B provides the flexibility enterprise organizations need with true WAN technology independence in the field.
  • The new MC959B is one of the first handheld industrial mobile computers to incorporate Qualcomm’s Gobi™ connectivity technology – one of the first embedded mobile wireless solutions designed to put an end to connectivity limitations. The new MC959B via MAX FlexWAN enables enterprises to deploy and later re-deploy the devices on virtually any 3.5G network, simplifying purchasing and device management.
  • The MC959B is the industry’s most rugged mobile computer and designed for mobile field workers – including those in the transportation and logistics, parcel/post, direct store delivery, field service and public safety industries – who work in large territories with coverage areas that may be best served by different cellular networks.
  • Motorola’s newest offering delivers reliable performance and can be activated on the enterprise network of choice and switched between multiple networks to ensure connectivity throughout the business day.
  • Designed to improve operational efficiencies with superior ergonomics, the MC9500-K series of mobile computers, including the new MC959B, offers an unsurpassed feature set in a sleek and reliable form factor for enterprises demanding the most versatile and rugged solutions.
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Star Portable Receipt Printers Certified for InfoTouch Software

Posted October 1, 2010

Combination of Products Ideal For Mobile POS Applications

Star Micronics announced that its SM-S200 and SM-T300 portable receipt printers have earned certification from InfoTouch Corporation for use with the software vendor’s InfoTouch® Store Manager ES and Store Keeper POS touchscreen-based specialty retail point of sale software.

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Psion Omnii XT10 Rugged Handheld Computer

Posted September 29, 2010

Psion Omnii ST10The Omnii XT10 is an ultra rugged, handheld computer, targeted at demanding users, such as ports, airports, supply chain and logistics operations.

Psion’s Omnii XT10 comes with an IP65 and a 2.0m drop rating and due to the inclusion of the Texas Instruments OMAP3 processor performs up to two times faster than the competition on industry benchmarks. The superscalar architecture delivers parallel ARM instructions for better performance and better efficiency, at lower MHz. The Psion Omnii XT10 features extended battery life with over twice the capacity of comparable products and offers a battery health grade feature that warns when the battery is nearing the end of its lifecycle and allows users to get maximum value from the hardware.

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What is Thermal Transfer Barcode Printing?

Posted September 24, 2010

By Tim Walker

Thermal Transfer

  • Uses a ribbon to transfer ink to label
  • Crisper printing (important for barcode compliance)
  • Long life span for printed labels
  • Wide range of media material types
  • Ribbon protects printhead, prolonging its usage
  • Used when label is needed for longer period of time
  • Used when label is required to be exposed to harsh enviroments

Thermal Transfer works by having the printhead heat an ink ribbon. The ink is actually melted and transferred onto the label where it quickly solidifies forming the desired image. Notice in the video you can see where the ink has been transferred from the ribbon to the label. Since the ink is actually bonded to the label, Thermal Transfer has the advantage of creating a more permanent image on the label. The images also tend to be crisper, making it good for high definition text and barcodes. Thermal Transfer is used in applications where the label needs to have a longer lifespan than Direct Thermal can provide or has to exist in an environment, like direct sunlight, that would cause problems for Direct Thermal. The ribbon also contains a coating on the back that helps protect the printhead, extending the lifespan of the printhead.

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What is Direct Thermal Barcode Printing?

Posted September 22, 2010

By Tim Walker

The first concept we are going to look at is the difference between the two primary printing methods: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Which one you chose is dictated by your needs. The good news is most barcode label printers, outside of the small desktops, have the ability to utilize both technologies.

Direct Thermal

  • Uses special heat sensitive media
  • Does not use a ribbon (advantage) but does not stand up to heat or light (disadvantage)
  • Used for temporary labeling applications like shipping labels
  • The chemical process that creates the image will fade over time

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Wavelink Terminal Emulation Now Pre-Installed on Janam XG100 Mobile Computers

Posted September 22, 2010

Janam XG100Wavelink Corporation announced Wavelink® Terminal Emulation™ will be pre-installed on Janam’s XG100 rugged, gun-shaped mobile computers. As a result, Janam customers can easily deploy the market-leading software for connecting their mobile computers to host systems.

Through this exclusive agreement, Wavelink Terminal Emulation will be the only host connectivity solution pre-installed on Janam’s rugged XG100 devices. This builds on an agreement earlier this year between the two companies where Wavelink Avalanche® is the only device management solution pre-installed on Janam mobile computers. The partnership gives Janam’s XG100 customers access to a custom Telnet client, Wavelink Industrial Browser and Avalanche enabler.

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Janam XM66 Mobile Computer Selected by ADD Systems

Posted September 22, 2010

Janam XM66Rugged, wireless mobile computer delivers in the petroleum, propane, wholesale gasoline, lubricant and C-store industries.

Janam, a leading provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, today announced that ADD Systems, a leading provider of computer solutions for the petroleum, propane and convenience store industries throughout the US and Canada, will use Janam XM66 rugged mobile computers for its latest direct store delivery (DSD) solution.

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Lancaster Health Group Improves Resident Care Socket SoMo 650Rx Mobile Computer

Posted September 22, 2010

Socket SoMo 650Rx


Document nursing activities electronically at the point of care



  • Increased efficiency of nursing documentation
  • Improved compliance to documentation requirements
  • Higher Medicare reimbursement
  • Improved quality of care through increased time spent in direct care of residents
  • Real-time access to medical records and references enables smarter decisions at the point of care and improved continuity of care

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) at Lancaster Health Group’s healthcare and rehabilitation centers can spend less time filling out forms and more time caring for residents thanks to a mobile Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system running on the Socket SoMo 650Rx handheld computer.

Using EMRs at the point of care enables CNAs to efficiently document patient assessments, medications administered, activities of daily living, and other records that are required from nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Detailed documentation is needed not only for state and federal audits, but also for billing, Medicare reimbursement, and industry accreditation.

The SigmaCare EMR application, developed by eHealth Solutions, also allows CNAs instant access to look up patient records, nursing care plans, medical references, and other critical data anywhere within a facility.

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Intermec CS40: Smart phone and Rugged Mobile Computer

Posted September 20, 2010

Intermec CS40Intermec announced the CS40 – introducing the first rugged mobile computer with the size and styling of a smart phone. The CS40 provides the ultimate solution for mobile professionals that require high performance barcode scanning and mobile line of business applications.

Unlike consumer grade smart phones that yield low performance and high failure rates when force-fit into line of business applications, the CS40 is built on Windows Embedded Handheld technologies including the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform and is designed for mobile professionals who need versatile and reliable access and acquisition of information in real-time, at the point of work.

The CS40 enables an all-encompassing business process transformation for mobile workforces in pre-sales, merchandising, field service, long haul and truck load transportation. The new solution empowers workers with uncompromised efficiency, productivity, and uptime necessary to improve business processes and deliver a positive customer experience with:

  • The ability to withstand multiple four foot drops to concrete on all corners and sides
  • Protection against dust and liquid intrusion from any angle with IP54 rated sealing
  • High performance 1D/2D barcode scanning through a true 2D imager
  • Advanced 3.75G voice and data communications
  • Three mega-pixel color camera
  • Compatibility with the full line of Intermec mobile printers, SmartSystemsTM, accessories and peripherals
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Intermec CN4 and CN50 Now SAP Certified

Posted September 17, 2010

Intermec CN4Intermec has formally completed SAP’s Integration and Certification Center (ICC) program testing requirements and is now officially SAP “Certified for Integration with SAP NetWeaver.” Completion of this process allows you to reassure your customers that both the CN4 and CN50 Windows Mobile 6.1 mobile computers will easily integrate into their SAP platform for use with field mobility applications, minimizing time and costs for their mobile deployments.

This official SAP technical integration certification should help to expedite your sales cycle as choosing either the CN50 or CN4 mobile computer can reduce the amount of in-house customer testing required. SAP users looking for additional technical quality assurance and verification of test completion will find Intermec listed on the SAP “Online Partner and Product Directory” at:

SAP NetWeaver helps SAP users simplify their IT environment and reduce operational costs by providing a platform that enables them to consolidate heterogeneous systems, applications, and data. SAP’s Netweaver Mobile component, coupled with the CN4 or CN50, can work to quickly mobilize existing IT infrastructures and tried-and-

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