CipherLab’s New 1504SE Economical 2D Imager

Posted January 22, 2014

Photo of CipherLab 1504SECipherLab has launched their new line of 1500SE 2D imager barcode scanners. Based on the original snappy performance and ergonomic design of the existing 1504 2D scanner, the new cost effective 1504SE (MSRP $350.00) aims to meet the growing needs of 2D barcode applications in pharmaceutical, hospital and retail settings. Like all the scanners in the 1500 series, this new 2D handheld scanner comes corded only and offers powerful reliability with efficiency for a wide range of applications.

The new 1500SE 2D imager barcode scanner combine versatility with efficiency and are able to read high-density 1D barcodes and also 2D barcodes. It also has the option of autosense scanning, which adds extra convenience and comfort for workers handling intensive scanning tasks.

“When CipherLab initially released the 1504 2D scanner, it quickly received positive reviews from retail professionals. Following the wide success of the original 1504 2D scanner, the new 1504SE now features a new cost effective 2D imager option,” said Luis Wu, General Manager of CipherLab USA. “This cost down benefits the increasing demand of 2D barcode applications. It also enhances the productivity and provides the reliability your business depends on.”

For additional assistance finding the best scanner for your needs or to pre-order a 1504SE, contact us at BarcodesInc.

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