Janam XG Series Selected by Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers for Warehouse Management

Posted January 15, 2014

Janam XG105 ScannerJanam has announced that Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers, a leading wholesale distributor of gift products, has selected Janam’s XG Series as the mobile handheld for the company’s warehouse management system (WMS).

Tech-Acumen, Inc., a software solution provider, designed and developed a custom Real-Time Warehouse Management System for Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers. The solution, which integrates with CounterPoint SQL Point of Sale software, features real-time bin quantities and a management console with real-time warehouse performance metrics. Paired with the Janam XG Series mobile devices, material handlers in Kelli’s massive warehouse can no easily perform all warehouse operations, including receiving, put-away, order-picking and replenishment are fully supported with real-time data.

“We’ve seem dramatic improvements in productivity and accuracy,” said Justin Cohen, President of Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers.  “Our material handlers find the XG device easy to use and like that we’re able to balance loads and assign orders in real-time.  We now send orders electronically to the floor, receive up-to-the-minute cycle counts and obtain essential data for real-time decision-making.  What’s really great is that all these benefits extend beyond the warehouse.  We’ve gained efficiencies in customer service, accounting, even marketing.  Real-time makes a difference.  The results are pretty exciting.”

For Kelli’s Gifts, the XG105 was a clear winner because it offered an extra-large keypad, streamlined ergonomics, ultra-bright display and complete versatility.  Plus, Janam was a hands-on, accommodating vendor that was consistently accessible and extremely flexible.”

“We were pleased that Kelli’s selected Janam,” said Bob Flanagan, President of Tech-Acumen, Inc. “We were impressed with the XG handheld. It is high quality, well-priced and the warranty is great.  We are equally impressed with the level of service Janam provides.”

“What makes our industry unique is the way in which subject matter experts from diverse disciplines do their part to create an integrated hardware and software solution that solves real-world, enterprise, distributed data challenges,” said Doug Lloyd, VP of Global Sales Operations at Janam.  “Janam’s XG105 rugged gun-shaped handheld has the right features for extending the benefits of mobility to WMS customers.”

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