Socket SoMo 650 Service Pack 4 released

Posted August 26, 2009

Service Pack 4 for the Socket Mobile SoMo 650 handheld mobile computer is now available on the Socket Mobile secure download site.

To access the service pack download, your SoMo 650 must be registered.

The service pack addresses the following issues:


    • Included Enhanced WiFi Companion in ROM


    • Added Socket File Store


    • Included SoMo 650 Back Pack software


    • Updated Connect!Agent to version


    • Updated Audio and Touch drivers


    • Improved flash write speed


    • Fixed SDIO driver to correct some issues with cradling the device


    • Lowered default screen brightness when on battery power


    • Fized some help files


    • Cleaned up Bluetooth power up/down (suspend/resume and radio on/off)


    • Updated Audio code so unit microphone is turned off when Bluetooth headset is connected


    • Updated Getting Started applets


    • Updated Standard Serial CF Card driver and PCMCIA driver to:


      • Fix issues with some 3rd party CF serial products


      • Ensure power is turned off when COM port is closed


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