Regional Hardware Chain Links Stores with Zebra Printers

Posted August 18, 2009

A family-owned chain of 156 small town hardware stores in the Northeast was looking for a way to streamline operations at the outlets while making it easy to get information on daily activity back to headquarters. They selected a software product offered by one of Zebra’s solutions partners.

A software house specializing in the management of data and business processes for retailers had all the features a retail hardware company needed. It also had one feature this customer didn’t realize it needed: Zebra desktop printers. Over the years, the software company had seen the efficiencies created by pairing their system with a dedicated output device for the shelf labels, shelf talkers, and flags the customers would create.

Instead of trying to customize their offering for the almost limitless number of retail hardware environments they might encounter, the software company forged partnerships with the manufacturers of best-of-breed hardware platforms from PCs to network systems, to servers. The desktop barcode printers they chose for all their installations are from Zebra. Teaming up with Zebra meant this software company only had to be distracted from their code one time. As soon as the Zebra printing language was integrated with the partner’s system, the desktop printer was “plug & play” wherever the software was installed.

By choosing a single vendor for barcode printers, the software developer simplified their own programming. A dedicated interface between the partner’s proprietary software and Zebra Desktop printers allows a seamless installation in the customer’s 156 small hardware stores. At the same time, it eliminates the need for unbundled buying decisions that would have consumed both time and money for the end user.

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