LXE Introduces MX9 Family of Ultra-Rugged Data Collection Computers for Harsh Environment Applications

Posted August 18, 2009

LXE MX9LXE Inc., the rugged mobile computer business of EMS Technologies, Inc., announced today the immediate availability of the MX9, MX9CS, and MX9HL Ultra-Rugged handheld computers, designed for use in a wide array of heavy industrial and outdoor data collection environments.

“The MX9 family of handheld computers further extends LXE’s reach into new markets and outdoor data collection applications.” states Steve Newell, LXE’s general manager. Replacing the popular MX5 series of handhelds, LXE has incorporated improvements and additional functionality requested by its existing customer and partner base. “We have seen a growing demand for ultra rugged computing products. The MX9 computer offers best-in-class performance along with special features such as GPS receivers for positional location applications. Interest in the product for agriculture, forestry and public safety markets, among others, demonstrates the need for high-reliability handheld computing solutions. Adding the MX9 family of computers to our portfolio of products will greatly extend the breadth of LXE products made available to our growing network of partners, for use in their solutions offerings.” Newell added.

The MX9 computer is in a class by itself, offering a host of features, including an outdoor display, multiple scanning and imaging options, back-lit keypads, built-in GPS positional location option, and 802.11 a/b/g, WWAN and Bluetooth communications options. The MX9 computer includes an IP67 rating and rugged packaging designed specifically for harsh outdoor environments. With low-temp batteries and built-in heater control capabilities, the MX9CS version of the handheld computer is ready for a variety of cold storage applications. The MX9HL version is compliant with Class 1 Div. 2 Hazardous Location environments. All MX9 computers ship with a PXA320 processor and industry-leading Windows® CE 5.0 operating system offering an open platform for application development. All versions also include LXE’s Toughtalk technology, supporting voice recognition applications.

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GSM/GPRS/EDGE WWAN support in the US on the AT&T network will be available in Q4 2009 with availability outside the US in late Q3 2009. Pricing for this option will be available at that time.

LXE MX9 Overview

The ultra-rugged mobile computer class requires high-end water and dirt seal, extreme drop survivability, and extended operating temperature specifications. For outdoor use, ultra-rugged computers must operate in bright sunlight, rain, and where abusive elements are always present. Mobile field applications also demand the most powerful mobile computer CPU and operating system available. The MX9 meets all of these needs and more. The MX9 is the most advanced ultra-rugged, mobile computer. The MX9 is the industry leader.

Applications and markets requiring the ultra-rugged MX9 include:

  • Ports and intermodal terminals
  • Outdoor logistics, warehouses and yards
  • Utility construction, asset management, and field service
  • Airport and airline refueling, baggage handling, and ramp services
  • Heavy industry manufacturing, such as steel mills and yards, chemical industry, pulp and paper manufacturing, and lumber mills
  • Heavy equipment field service
  • Natural resources logistics and material handling

LXE MX9 Features

To meet the harshest, most challenging environmental conditions, the ultra-rugged MX9 products support the IP67 rating, 6 feet (1.8m) drop, and 2000, 1m tumbles. For cold storage environments, the MX9CS also provides display and scan windows heaters along with a low temperature battery. The MX9CS supports operation to -30 deg C (-22 deg F). For hazardous locations, the MX9HL supports Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D specifications.

The MX9 products are built around the powerful PXA320 processor with 128MB of RAM and 128MB of on-board Flash memory running the Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Professional operating system. In addition, the MX9 products can be fitted with an SD Flash expansion card ranging from 1GB to 4GB. Utilizing docking cradles and adapter cables, the MX9 products support a powered RS-232 port, USB client port, USB host port, and Ethernet. For wireless communications and mobile applications, the MX9 products support 802.11 b/g or a/b/g radios, Bluetooth, GPS receiver, and GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio.

To support a wide range of software applications and operator needs, the MX9 products offer two, backlit keyboard options, a 62-key alpha-numeric keyboard and a 38-key numeric-alpha keyboard. Both keyboards provide 10 function keys, good/bad scan LED indicator, and two scan buttons, as well as full key remapping capability.

For applications that require barcode scanning, the MX9 products offer a short-range laser scanner, a 2D imager, and the Lorax “all-range” laser scanner capable of scanning barcodes from as close as 4 inches to as far away as 40 feet. The 2D imager is also capable of image capture. Also, the MX9 supports good/bad scan vibration feedback and a user installable trigger handle.

For regional needs, the MX9 products support several language fonts and localized operating systems. All MX9s support LXE’s Toughtalk technology for voice applications. The MX9 products support LXE’s RFTerm and Naurtech CETerm terminal emulators, Staylinked Client, Wavelink Avalanche, and numerous other software packages. An MX9 Software Development Kit (SDK) is available through LXE’s Developer Portal. The SDK can be obtained from http://www.lxe.com/us/service/developer.aspx?id=1575. Registration is required.

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