Volkswagen Dramatically Improves Process Monitoring with Barcodes

Posted August 3, 2009

Shanghai-Volkswagen wanted to be able to control the production process of every single car via a barcode label attached to each vehicle. To ease work and prevent delays in their production process, Volkswagen searched for a reliable verification system to match their existing scanner control system.

Axis network cameras were installed as part of that system. The camera monitors any errors and sends the image of the scanner to an Emergency Data Entry PC. To ensure that all components of the security system work properly, a flexible camera management software system was also integrated.

Now, employees save time by not having to physically go to cars to reread their barcodes. Volkswagen’s just-in-time production process was considerably improved. The visual verification system is tailor-made for the existing technical configuration, and increases the value of the network at Volkswagen.

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