RFID Asset Tracking System Streamlines Asset Management

Posted April 21, 2009

RFID asset tracking system

This RFID asset management system, basing on 13.56MHz, integrates best asset tracking practices with RFID asset tracking tags and multi-tag RFID readers. With this RFID tracking system, assets can be secured and tracked automatically as they move throughout the areas.

RFID tags are integrated as part of this passive RFID asset tracking system. There are series of RFID asset tracking tags that are fit for different enviroment. Each DAILY’s RFID tag has a unique ID for the security of asset mangement.

To take inventory, handheld RFID reader DL8033 and fixed RFID reader DL810 is used to track the tagged assets in the RFID asset tracking system. And RFID reader DL8033 is used to receive and collect asset data while RFID reader DL810 gives the real-time monitoring and alerting to improve the security of this RFID asset tracking system.

This RFID asset tracking solution can be deployed and tracked automatically to maximize asset utilization, thus reducing error and the time of finding items.

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