Microscan Value Level Handheld Barcode Readers

Posted July 28, 2009

Thumbnaileraspx-1[1]Microscan has expanded its barcode product line to include value level handheld readers for standard barcode applications. They now offer handheld barcode readers for all applications, ranging from easy linear barcodes up to challenging 2D direct part marks. The introduction of the Microscan HS-1 and Microscan HS-2D expands Microscan’s value level product offering for standard applications, complementing its existing line of specialty handheld barcode imagers designed for more challenging applications such as 2D direct part mark reading.

The readers provide a notable out-of-box, plug and play experience. The easy to use barcode output can plug directly into standard Microsoft Office programs, such as Word or Excel. With the introduction of the handheld readers, Microscan becomes a one-stop shop for all barcode reading needs. As an additional user benefit, the new value level readers offer a low-cost entry point solution for barcode and 2D barcode applications.

The HS-1 is a value level handheld linear CCD reader for reliable decode of linear barcodes in common applications such as printed black and white labels. Providing fast and accurate performance with minimal budget impact, the HS-1 is ergonomically designed for comfort and built to withstand multiple drops in harsh industrial environments.

The HS-2D imager is ideal for any high-contrast automated data application from clean rooms to industrial environments. The HS-2D is a value level portable solution for decoding both linear barcodes and 2D symbols in common applications such as high-contrast black and white labels. It reads symbols in any orientation, includes a built-in dual LED targeting system for quick and easy data capture, and is designed to withstand rugged industrial environments.

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