Microscan Visionscape GigE

Posted August 10, 2009

Microscan Visionscape GigEFrom an economical single-camera system to a sophisticated eight-camera configuration, Microscan’s Visionscape GigE platform contains all the necessary components for a complete machine-vision implementation. PC-based Gigabit Ethernet systems leverage standard network components, such as cabling, switches, and interface cards, while Visionscape software allows rapid deployment of your machine-vision application.

Visionscape GigE works with a full set of Microscan GigE cameras and can be used in applications for precise inspection, identification, guidance, gauging, and measurement. It decodes all standard linear barcodes, 2-D symbols, and stacked symbologies. Minimum PC requirements for Visionscape GigE software include a Pentium P4 class processor (2.4 GHz or higher), Windows XP or Vista, at least 1 Gbyte of RAM, an XGA display, and one open PCIe slot for a network interface card.

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