Mobile Labeling in the Warehouse or Manufacturing Facility

Posted April 2, 2012

Industry Need

Bar coding is a critical component in maintaining accuracy and efficiency in a warehouse environment. Shipping, receiving, and cross docking, picking and packing, shelf labeling, and tote labeling applications are integral to successful operations. Increasingly, companies are leveraging mobile labeling solutions in these applications. By enabling workers to print labels at the point of activity, mobile solutions enable a more flexible workflow, increased productivity, and fewer errors. Intermec’s integrated mobile printer and Duratherm media products deliver a comprehensive array of choices to meet these needs.

Shipping, Receiving, & Cross Docking

Mobile printing solutions enable workers to quickly generate barcode labels and apply them directly to items as they are unpacked or staged for shipment. Workers wearing belt-mounted mobile printers can re-label pallets and individual cases on the spot, reducing transit time between pallets and a central label printing location to optimize efficiency.

Picking & Packing

The picker’s belt-mounted printer, responding to print commands from the wireless network, generates a pick ticket to guide order fulfillment. After collecting all items needed to close an order, this receipt material serves double duty as the customer’s packing slip. Once the order is scanned complete, a new pick ticket is automatically printed for the worker’s next task.

Shelf Labeling

Mobile shelf label printing easily facilitates flexible rack configurations that change to accommodate items and full pallets of varying sizes and heights. Durable on-demand printed labels maintain the critical link between physical inventory locations and WMS or ERP systems.

Tote Labeling

For pick and pack applications in high-mix manufacturing or order fulfillment environments, portable totes allow workers to stage all items together near a final assembly station or final pack location. With mobile printers, workers can identify the tote and its contents in progress, reducing errors and streamlining workflow. Label media may be permanent, to identify the tote through multiple pick cycles (“license plates”), or removable, to carry data about a specific order (such as a bill of materials).

Intermec Solution

Intermec’s identification products address the industry’s requirements for abrasion durability when traveling on conveyors, moisture resistance for incidental exposure to the elements, or basic performance for controlled warehouse conditions. Many common configurations are in stock for quick shipment, ensuring that options are readily available when new demands arise. Custom products can be tailored to more unusual needs. With a comprehensive product set ranging from durable film labels to economical paper options, the right products are available to optimize performance and price across the enterprise.

Intermec Media Products for Warehouse and Manufacturing

Shipping, Receiving, & Cross Docking – Duratherm II with permanent adhesive is the ideal choice for applications where moisture is typically not  encountered, delivering high quality printing at a cost-effective price point.  Duratherm III permanent provides enhanced durability for environments where some humidity and surface abrasion may be a concern. Its higher sensitivity thermal coating enables longer battery life in mobile printers, delivering more printed labels before recharging.  Duratherm III Linerless enables users to print labels of various lengths with a single supply. Self-wound rolls are longer and contain more labels for less frequent printer loading; mobile users do not need to handle spent label liner.

Picking & Packing – Duratherm II Receipt provides simple on-demand printing of pick tickets and packing slips of varying lengths. Face sheet-only construction maximizes roll lengths to reduce required media reloading. Profile Duratherm III Receipt has enhanced durability for moisture or abrasion-exposed environments; increased sensitivity extends printer battery life.

Shelf Labeling – Duratherm III Synthetic with permanent adhesive provides excellent humidity, moisture, and tear resistance as well as some chemical resistance. Its high-sensitivity thermal coating enables longer battery life in mobile printers, delivering more printed labels before recharging.

Tote Labeling – Duratherm II Removable enables easy tote assignment and tracking by individual order; clean removability makes tote reuse trouble-free.  Duratherm III Synthetic Removable offers increased durability for more challenging environments with exposure to abrasion, moisture, and some chemicals or oils. Duratherm III Synthetic Permanent ensures tote “license plates” remain attached for multiple pick cycles; enhanced durability ensures they remain legible.

Printer Recommendation

PB22/32/50 Rugged Mobile Label Printers

Computer Recommendation

CK3 Series Mobile Computer 

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