Mobile Admission Ticket Printing

Posted March 29, 2012

Industry Need

Fixed ticketing locations suffer from significant limitations when servicing peak attendance volumes. Limited processing points cause bottlenecks that severely restrict flow, causing delays and dissatisfied customers. This can create safety issues with excessive crowds congregating and limit event purchasing to a captive audience within a venue location. Adding stations requires significant investment without adequately addressing dynamically changing service environments.

Advances in mobile ticket printing have enabled users to overcome these limitations by moving ticketing to the point of activity. Taking transactions to the customer places processing points where they are needed most, increasing throughput and reducing wait times. However, this application is not without its challenges. Key requirements must be met for mobile ticketing success; these needs include media with appropriate durability, look and feel, speedy printing, and rugged, reliable equipment.

Intermec Solution

Due to differing service environments and performance expectations, media requirements vary significantly by venue and event.

For entertainment events where tickets are repeatedly handled or retained as souvenirs, Duratherm III durable topcoated tag stock satisfies requirements for appearance and durability. This stock offers optimum thickness, feel, and weight while maintaining the flexibility to resist curling when feeding from small diameter rolls in compact portable printers. With multi-color preprinting to convey venue information (including terms and conditions), high quality tags can be further customized with on-demand printing of text, graphics, and bar codes for scanning at point of entry. Additional features such as simulated watermarks and UV fluorescing inks can be added to combat fraud for high value events.

For tickets with more focus on function and cost than aesthetics, (such as boarding passes for air or ground travel) Duratherm receipt stocks provide cost effective ticketing. Duratherm III topcoated stocks offer increased resistance to handling and the elements, while Duratherm II non-topcoated stocks provide the most economical option for short-lived admissions tickets.

For an optimal printing solution, combine Intermec media with our rugged mobile printers. As the industry’s fastest rugged mobile printers, ticket printing and processing has never been quicker. Intermec mobile printers are designed for mobility and reliability. With batteries that last an entire shift and are simple to charge, media that is easy to load, an optional magnetic stripe and smart card reader to enable secure mobile payment processing, and print quality that is consistently high, you can count on our printers to deliver, regardless of the environment. Bluetooth-tethered to a mobile computer or communicating via 802.11b/g communications, key information such as quantity of tickets sold or seating location availability can be updated in real time.

Media Recommendation

Duratherm III Tag
Duratherm II Tag
Duratherm III Receipt
Duratherm II Receipt

Printer Recommendation

PB21/31/51 Rugged Mobile Receipt Printers


  • Fastest printing increases productivity
  • Quick and easy operation


  • Built to last and perform on the go
  • Less downtime, lower maintenance costs


  • Single source for hardware solution
  • Seamless integration with Intermec Computers

The Intermec Advantage

In a customer-centered ticketing environment, it is critical that the elements of a mobile ticket printing system interoperate seamlessly. Intermec printers and media are optimized to deliver superior performance when used together. Our rigorous testing and co-engineering ensures consistently high print quality, proven label and tag performance in demanding real-world environments, and maximum print head service life for reduced downtime.

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