Integration of RFID Smart Labels for Third Party Logistics

Posted March 27, 2012

Industry Need

Effective warehouse management involves the control and monitoring of movement of materials including receiving, storage, picking, staging, and shipping. The increased use of outsourcing these activities has given rise to the rapid growth of third party logistics or 3PL. 3PL providers typically specialize in integrating warehousing and operation services that can be scaled and customized to a customer’s requirements. The use of 3PL has become a cost effective way for many businesses to reduce supply chain costs and increase customer satisfaction. With any logistics process, opportunities for human error exist resulting in misplaced or mis-directed inventory. However, with 3PL providers handling inventory for a multitude of customers, high levels of accuracy and efficiency as well as visibility within the operation have become critical requirements.

Intermec Solution

Intermec’s Smart Labels offer powerful RFID technology packaged in the most reliable, durable labels in the industry to meet the business and operating demands in the 3PL environment. The use of RFID Smart labels enables visibility and monitoring of cartons and pallets at process points as they move through the warehouse. Operators do not need to scan individual bar codes thus eliminating the opportunity for human error which can create problems with misplaced, mis-identified, and mis-shipped product and result not only in customer dissatisfaction but also in many cases expensive charge-backs. This improved accuracy in shipping, receiving, and inventory control also results in a reduction in processing time and inefficient work activities. The capability of scanning pre-applied RFID labels upon receipt with an Intermec IP30 or generating Smart Labels at the point of activity on-site with one of Intermec’s industrial RFID printers enables real-time coordination throughout the supply chain linking the customer to the product and to the location within the chain. With the ability to offer a variety of both inlays and printable label and tag materials, Intermec Media engineers are able to develop flexible RFID Smart Label solutions that will meet the requirements in various 3PL environments to insure optimum performance. For fleet and yard management, trailer tagging, or the tagging of other metal items for long term use Intermec offers rugged, durable rigid tags

The key to any successful implementation of an RFID system is working with a provider that has the knowledge and expertise to offer clear guidance in creating a solution that is sustainable and extensible to improve business processes and to deliver future benefits. Intermec is a leader in RFID technology and standards development with extensive experience in helping manufacturers, distributors, logistic providers, and other businesses implement complete RFID solutions for mission critical applications.

Media Product Recommendation

RFID Gen2 Duratran Thermal Transfer or Duratherm Direct Thermal labels

Ribbon Recommendation

TMX1000 series wax
TMX2000 series mid-range

Printer Recommendation

PM4i RFID Enabled Mid Range Printer

  • Smart – Powerful smart-printing capabilities enable error-proofing, simplify processes and improve results
  • Strong – Superior throughput, designed to excel in demanding environments
  • Secure – Advanced, secure network connectivity options

RFID Rigid Tag Recommendation

IT65 Large Rigid Tag
IT65 Small Rigid Tag
IT67 Enterprise Lateral Transmitting (LT) Tag

Reader Recommendation

IP30 Reader
IF4 Reader


RFIDeploy Services ensure solution optimization

The Intermec Advantage

Intermec RFID printers, Smart Labels, and readers are optimized to deliver superior performance when used together. Our rigorous testing and co-engineering ensures consistently high print quality, proven label and tag performance in demanding real-world environments, and maximum print head service life for reduced downtime.

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