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Posted March 26, 2012

Industry Need

With increasing pressure on budgets, police and municipal operations are driven to increase productivity and revenues; citation programs pose a common target due to the high-touch environment. Adoption of e-citation among public safety agencies is rapidly increasing due to a quick ROI driven by increased accuracy, legibility (yielding decreased dismissals) and reduced or eliminated manual data entry. However, the ticketing environment has significant performance challenges. Hardware components such as computers or printers as well as citation media must often operate in punishing environments.

The two common E-citation applications have significantly different media requirements.

For parking and local ordinance violations, the citation must endure challenging service conditions. Vehicles are commonly unoccupied, requiring the parking enforcement agent to secure the ticket to the vehicle, often under a windshield wiper. These tickets are directly exposed to rain, snow, wind, and sunlight, conditions which can rapidly degrade common materials. Quick completion is a priority for efficiency; when agents encounter owners returning to a citation in progress, rapid execution is critical.

The time required to issue a citation is also important for moving violations. Drivers commonly complain about the time consumed when being cited. Additionally, exposure to moving traffic poses a safety hazard to both parked vehicles and officers, making rapid citation processing a top priority. While print quality requirements remain high, durability needs are lower since the printed citation is delivered directly from the officer to the driver.

Intermec Solution

An effective e-Citation solution can help increase workforce efficiency and revenues as well as improve officer safety. Intermec’s cost-effective solutions can help you do just that.

For parking and local ordinance violations where durability is critical, Intermec Duratherm III Synthetic Ticket, with its rugged film construction, readily satisfies the requirements of this application. Extended water exposure does not weaken the material; low temperatures do not make it brittle. The durable printing layer resists moisture, sunlight, and abrasion (such as when pulled from under a wiper). Intermec preprint inks provide excellent moisture resistance and verified printer compatibility to provide optimum print performance and maximize printhead life.

For moving violations, a police or highway patrol officer generates the citation and delivers it directly to the recipient, minimizing environmental exposure and enabling use of more economical paper media. Duratherm III paper ticket material offers good resistance to handling, incidental exposure to moisture (ex. rain, beverages) and elevated temperatures when left in an automobile.

For an optimal printing solution, combine Intermec media with our rugged mobile printers. Cut the time it takes to issue citations by 50% over manual tickets. Reduce internal processing of citations from days to hours—or even seconds. Decrease the number of tickets dismissed and increase payment yield without actually writing any more tickets.

As the industry’s fastest rugged mobile printers, citation printing and processing has never been quicker. Intermec mobile printers are designed for mobility and reliability. With batteries that last an entire shift and are simple to charge, media that is easy to load, an optional mag stripe reader, and print quality that is consistently high, you can count on our printers to deliver, regardless of the environment.

Media Recommendation

Duratherm III Paper Ticket
Duratherm III Synthetic Ticket

Printer Recommendation

PB21/31/51 Rugged Mobile Label Printers

  • Industry’s fastest label throughput
  • Rugged design for the harshest mobile environments
  • Easy to use and support

The Intermec Advantage

To realize the potential benefits of e-citation deployment, system components must interoperate seamlessly. Intermec printers and media are optimized to deliver superior performance when used together. Our rigorous testing and co-engineering ensures consistently high print quality, proven label and tag performance in demanding real world environments, and maximum print head service life for reduced downtime.

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