Block Out Labeling

Posted March 23, 2012

Industry Need

Labels are commonly used to convey important information about the products they mark. However, an important element of labeling has become more prevalent: concealing inaccurate or out-of-date information previously in place. These kinds of labels can clearly communicate changed pricing without drawing customer attention, or may enable use of re-tasked or inaccurate packaging. Intermec’s specially designed Duratran and Duratherm Block Out labels provide this important function, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

    • Retail/Price Markdowns – When retail items need to be price-adjusted or product information must be modified, relabeling with a material that obscures the original information saves time and maintains the integrity of the original packaging.
    • Pharmacy/Unit Level Dose – On prescription items, labels are commonly applied over original packaging for distribution to the customer/patient. It is often important that the original printing does not show through. For reliable retail barcode scanning, it is critical to eliminate interference from underlying codes.
    • Warehouse/Logistics – In shipping and receiving operations, labels are sometimes applied to materials that frequently go through multiple use cycles. Shipping containers arriving in a facility can be reused to send materials to another facility by applying a new label over the existing label on the container. Previous information must not be visible through the newly applied label, especially in automated handling systems where it could interfere with routing of the container or carton.

Intermec Solution

Duratran and Duratherm Block Out labels fully conceal incorrect or revised information and can help protect confidential printed information. An opaque coating, applied to the underside of the label, ensures that information underneath the label does not show through; bright face stocks ensure excellent reflectance for bar code scanning. Aggressive adhesives are formulated to provide excellent adhesion to common application surfaces.


Duratran II Block Out Thermal Transfer Paper Label
Duratherm III Block Out Direct Thermal Paper Label


TMX1000 series wax


PM4i Mid Range Printer (high volume applications)

  • Smart – Powerful smart-printing capabilities eliminate the PC
  • Strong – Superior throughput, designed to excel in demanding environments
  • Secure – Advanced, secure network connectivity options

PC43 Desktop Printer (low to moderate volume applications)

  • Intuitive – Super Easy to Install & Use
  • 10-language LCD or Icon graphics user interface maximizes uptime
  • One hand media loading for trouble-free use
  • Fastest throughput in its class at 8 ips
  • Quick configuration with USB stick device
  • Flexible – Fits your business needs today & tomorrow
  • User installable connectivity upgrades and accessories for scalability
  • Leading command languages for seamless deployment
  • Modular IT-friendly design speeds up deployment and support
  • Smart – Keeps you informed & productive
  • Remote status updates with Intermec tools minimize downtime
  • Programmable with ability to directly add keyboard or scale improves efficiency

The Intermec Advantage

For blockout labeling to deliver maximum efficiency andreduced costs, components of the labeling system must work together with minimal user intervention. Intermec printers and media are optimized to deliver superior performance when used together. Our rigorous testing and co-engineering ensures consistently high print quality, proven label performance in demanding real-world environments, and maximum print head service life for reduced downtime.

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