Blood Bag Labeling

Posted March 21, 2012

Industry Need

With nearly 5 million Americans requiring blood transfusions annually, there is a tremendous need for blood products to supply these important therapies. Blood banks and collection centers require robust labels to reliably track blood from the donor to the final recipient; these labels need to survive multiple processing, testing, and storage steps through challenging environmental conditions. Intermec’s blood bag labeling product set enables durable, positive tracking of these critical components.

Bar coded blood bag labels enable the high degree of accuracy required for successful transfusion therapy. Clearly identified blood typing prevents serious complications that could result from donor type incompatibility. Different blood components and storage conditions yield varying shelf life; clear expiration date identification guarantees patients receive only safe, effective products. Formats configured in compliance with ISBT-128 standards provide interoperability with multiple collection centers, processing locations, and hospital systems.

In order for essential data to follow the contents of the blood bag, labels must endure a series of challenging conditions. Labels must maintain a strong bond to the flexible blood bag during centrifugation while whole blood is separated into components. Labels must remain positively attached during standard or cryogenic freezing (plasma and some red cells), refrigeration (red cells), or continuous shaking at room temperature (platelets). The bond must then be maintained during warming, which often includes immersion in a water bath.

Beyond the physical performance needs, blood bag labels must also meet regulatory requirements. The United States Food and Drug Administration mandates compliance with 21 CFR175.105 to increase safety should components of the adhesive migrate through the plastic into the blood bag.

Intermec Solution

Intermec’s blood bag label products are designed for the needs of this critical tracking application. An aggressive adhesive securely bonds the label to the filled bag; the pliable face sheet flexes with it during centrifugation and multiple handling steps. With a wide service temperature range, Intermec labels remain positively attached through the broad range of blood component storage temperatures. Qualification testing through multiple freeze/thaw cycles ensures labels readily endure the harsh treatments commonly encountered.

Intermec’s blood bag media, compliant with 21 CFR 175.105, has also passed testing for component migration across the blood bag per industry standards, increasing assurance of safety.

Images printed on Intermec blood bag labels with the durable TMX3000 series resin ribbon, readily endure extensive handling, further adding to the robustness of the product set. Crisp, high contrast print ensures consistent scanning and imaging performance, eliminating error-prone manual data entry.

Labels can be provided in full face, single or double quadrant with or without DIN (Donor ID Number) cutouts. Piggyback material is also available for multi-step bag tracking or donor set labels.

Customer Benefits:

  • Reliable blood bag tracking with durable labels
  • Assured compliance with government and industry standards
  • Application-tailored adhesive and face sheet to maintain bond with flexible blood bags during processing and handling
  • Durable, high contrast print for consistent scanning performance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with free printhead replacement program when Intermec media and printers are used together


Duratran II Permanent Blood Bag Label

Ribbon (if applicable)
TMX3000 series resin

PM4i Mid Range Printer (High volume output)
PC43t Desktop Printer (Lower volume desktop use)

  • Intuitive– Super Easy to Install & Use
    • 10-language LCD or Icon graphics user interface maximizes uptime
    • One hand media loading for trouble-free use
    • Fastest throughput in its class at 8 ips
    • Quick configuration with USB stick device
  • Flexible – Fits your business needs today & tomorrow
    • User installable connectivity upgrades and accessories for
    • Leading command languages for seamless deployment
    • Modular IT-friendly design speeds up deployment and support
  • Smart – Keeps you informed & productive
    • Remote status updates with Intermec tools minimize
    • Programmable with ability to directly add keyboard or scale
      improves efficiency

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