Star TSP100 Receipt Printer Certified with Parks and Recreation Management Software

Posted February 28, 2012

Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of point of service printers, has announced that their TSP100 receipt printer is certified to seamlessly integrate with RecTrac software. RecTrac is a Parks and Recreation Management Software that has a global sales single receipt processing capability, which allows you to process any number of transactions using any combination of RecTrac modules and produce a single receipt.

The TSP100 is the first all-in-one receipt printer, which means all the parts and software are included in one box. Also included for an easy setup is an internal power supply, interface cable, power cable, complete mounting kits and a paper roll. The TSP100 offers a high throughput of 22 RPM (receipts per minute) and “Plug & Play” USB or Ethernet Drivers.

For a printer to become certified with Vermont Systems software, it must be able to work with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). There also must be an easy-to-use methodology for loading logos in to the printer when they are to be used as receipt headers. Vermont Systems also considers ease of paper loading and print speed as well as number of standard interface options (USB, Ethernet, Serial, and Parallel).

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