Honeywell Introduces Stratos 2700 Hybrid Bioptic Barcode Scanner and Optimus 5900 RFID Mobile Computer

Posted January 24, 2012

Honeywell announced the introduction of several innovative offerings that bring new levels of productivity to retailers: the Stratos 2700 hybrid bioptic barcode scanner and the Optimus 5900 RFID mobile computer The company’s holistic portfolio meets the evolving needs of retailers from the front end to the back end of their operations, including warehouse and distribution center solutions from the recently acquired LXE.

“In an effort to address the key pain points our customers tell us they have, our enhanced product and software portfolio delivers new ways to streamline automated data capture and management in retail,” said Taylor Smith, director of product management, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility (HSM). “Today’s introductions—from revolutionizing the check-out experience with our enhanced hybrid bioptic scanning solution to our entrance into the RFID space—demonstrate our ongoing commitment to meeting the growing needs of our retail customers.”

Stratos 2700 Hybrid Bioptic Scanner

Honeywell’s Stratos 2700 bioptic scanner/scale incorporates a revolutionary hybrid platform that delivers rapid pass-through scanning of linear bar codes, plus area-imaging technology for aggressive scanning of 2D bar codes. The new Stratos 2700 enables retailers to handle peak customer volume with a minimal number of open checkout lanes. To help reduce checkout loss, the Stratos 2700 is available with an innovative, affordable and easy-to-deploy bottom-of-basket monitoring system that can save retailers thousands of dollars per lane every year. Additionally, Honeywell offers a cost-effective migration path that allows the scanner to be easily upgraded in the field to meet future point-of-sale needs with various modular hardware and software plug-ins. The Stratos 2700 hybrid bioptic scanner/scale will begin shipping in July.

Optimus 5900 RFID Mobile Computer

A Honeywell first, the Optimus 5900 RFID mobile computer combines radio frequency identification (RFID) and automated data collection technology for enhanced retail worker productivity. The lightweight yet rugged mobile computer accurately reads up to 45 EPC Gen2 RFID tags in a 10 second timeframe and provides improved inventory visibility and item ordering accuracy. Its crisp 3.5-inch screen, resistive touch panel and 28-key keyboard enables accurate data entry and easy reading.

Ideal for retail environments seeking to improve the inventory management process, the Optimus RFID 5900 features Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 5.0 for industry-leading data capture. For a lower total cost of ownership, the device is available with Honeywell’s Service Made Simple service plans and extended warranty options.

The Optimus 5900 RFID mobile computer will begin shipping in February.

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