ID Card Printing and Signature Capture Provided to Pay-O-Matic

Posted January 18, 2012

Zebra ZXP Series 3 card printer
Pay-O-Matic is a leading money transmitting company who needed to supply all of their check cashing locations with the necessary hardware to make their business run – and run smoothly. BarcodesInc was chosen to help out and was able to offer them great pricing and exceptional customer service. We supplied Pay-O-Matic with a full ID card printing solution to equip their employees with credentials, which included Zebra ZXP Series 3, Zebra P110i and Fargo DTC550 card printers as well as the blank ID cards and transfer film to run them. On top of that, we hooked them up with Topaz signature capture pads to help them complete their customer transactions. In the near future, BarcodesInc is moving forward with Pay-O-Matic to provide them with inkjet check readers and receipt printers to fulfill their needs and fully complete their solution.

Account Manager: Russell Coppola

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