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Posted December 14, 2011

IntelliTrack announces the release StratusInventory, its first web based application within its new line of STRATUS products.

IntelliTrack, Inc. recently announced its new STRATUS line of web-based software for all of its currently offered line of products. IntelliTrack software products are now all available in cloud format, giving users a new and improved way to access their data storage, readily retrieve and use their applications software, and easily obtain technology services and support – all through shared configurable resources. Wherever the Internet is available, many benefits await STRATUS products user including:

  • Quick and easy to deploy – no waiting for physical software product or losing valuable installation time
  • Easier data access in real-time or batch data collection, in-house or off-site at other locations
  • Immediate tech support access
  • Quick and easy access to STRATUS product enhancements and updates
  • Data storage all in the cloud, saving in-house computer server space
  • Reduction of user company IT department time
  • User company saving money in multiple areas
  • Increase in efficiency turns into an increase in productivity

StratusInventory is IntelliTrack’s new easy to use “next-generation” web-based inventory management software. Performing physical inventory counts typically requires extensive time collecting data on a hand-held mobile computer. After collection, the data must be downloaded to the company’s database and then consolidated for later analysis.

With IntelliTrack’s new StratusInventory, this new cloud inventory solution provides companies with a new extremely efficient way to reduce the necessary time and resources required for data collection and processing. Since StratusInventory is web-based, inventories may be taken at multiple in-house and off-site locations, using hand held mobile computers. Collected data is quickly sent over the Internet to the company’s central database where it is efficiently consolidated and ready for immediate analysis and reporting. Less wait time – more information – easily available at your fingertips. And once your data collection is complete, it is safely stored and easily accessible in the cloud, without using your valuable company server space.

Efficient and readily available tech support and trouble-shooting are standing by to assist you should the need arise with your StratusInventory.

IntelliTrack’s new StratusInventory is completely configurable to your company’s inventory data collection and storage needs. StratusInventory also supports customer/industry specific terminology.

Join millions of users now using cloud computing technology to save their companies time and money. Contact us now to discuss how IntelliTrack StratusInventory can suit your needs.

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