Honeywell Announces End of Life Plan for VoyagerBT 9535 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Posted November 28, 2011

Honeywell VoyagerBT 9535Honeywell has announced it’s plans to discontinue the VoyagerBT 9535 at the end of 2011

The VoyagerBT 9535 has had a successful life since its introduction almost nine years ago. However, technological advances have been made since 9535’s introduction, which Honeywell has incorporated into the new Voyager 1202g.

The new Voyager 1202g is a direct replacement for the VoyagerBT 9535. The 1202g offers many updates, as well as compatibility with the common Honeywell cabling and software platform, enabling simplified support of Honeywell barcode scanners. In addition, it greatly reduces the amount of versions to choose from, as two multi-interface models (black and ivory) address all discrete interface and extended memory options covered in more than 40 VoyagerBT SKUs.

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