Microscan introduces QX-870 Barcode Scanner

Posted June 30, 2009

Microscan QX-870Microscan, a global technology leader for precision data acquisition and control solutions, announces the new QX-870 laser barcode scanner. The newest scanner introduced with the QX technology platform adds an intelligent sweeping raster scanner and greater connectivity to the current QX family of high performance industrial barcode readers. The QX technology platform combines both Quick Connect and X-Mode technologies to deliver fast network connectivity with the most aggressive decode algorithms available, including symbol reconstruction.

The QX-870’s intelligent sweeping laser can reliably read multiple 1D and stacked 2D barcodes, in varying locations, even when small, poorly printed, or damaged. The QX-870 has four M12 connectors for direct connection of power, trigger, I/O, and multiple ports for utmost connectivity and flexibility. This versatile industrial scanner provides customers with a reliable and robust solution for track, trace, and control barcode applications in almost any manufacturing automation environment, including food and beverage, product packaging, automotive assembly, and electronics assembly. The flexibility of the scanner to read codes at varying heights, distances, and angles provides an ideal solution for barcode reading across a wide range of industries around the globe.

The QX-870 Quick Connect system with simple networking schemes makes this product the easiest to use in its class. Multiple units can be “chained” together using a singular cable per unit. As an additional benefit, the scanner provides aggressive decoding straight out of the box to even further simplify the setup process. With numerous features and benefits, the QX-870 is by far the most versatile and advanced industrial laser barcode scanner on the market today.

“No other industrial reader provides this level of out of the box experience for data acquisition. The plug and play installation and flexibility delivered by the QX-870 with the QX Platform simplifies deployment of complex multi-reader applications,” said Andy Zosel, Director of Product Marketing.

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