Epson TM-J9100 Check Scanner in Over 50 Community Banks

Posted October 21, 2010

Epson check scannerEpson announced that one of its valued partners has installed its TM-J9100 check scanner with integrated printer in over fifty community banks nationwide. Epson’s TM-J9100 is paired with software to perform check processing at the teller window. Customer deposits are scanned and imaged at the point of presentment, and back room tasks are performed using the scanned images. With this combined solution, checks are only handled once, which means fewer and faster transactions, and more efficient customer service. The fifty banks using the Epson solution range in size from under $12M to $350M, and are located throughout the United States.

“With this solution, our banking customers appreciate shorter teller lines and they don’t need to image and balance big bundles of checks at the end of the day,” said Bradley R. Perry. “Customers like the fact that they can see images of their deposit on the receipt as well as through the bank’s real-time online banking site. In addition, the transaction is reflected in the customer’s account immediately, reducing risk for the bank and improving customer service exponentially.”

“Our customer’s experience is number one,” commented Bill Hunter, President of Earlham Bank (E Bank), a community bank that has been using the Epson solution for over 11 months.

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