Psion Omnii XT10 Rugged Handheld Computer

Posted September 29, 2010

Psion Omnii ST10The Omnii XT10 is an ultra rugged, handheld computer, targeted at demanding users, such as ports, airports, supply chain and logistics operations.

Psion’s Omnii XT10 comes with an IP65 and a 2.0m drop rating and due to the inclusion of the Texas Instruments OMAP3 processor performs up to two times faster than the competition on industry benchmarks. The superscalar architecture delivers parallel ARM instructions for better performance and better efficiency, at lower MHz. The Psion Omnii XT10 features extended battery life with over twice the capacity of comparable products and offers a battery health grade feature that warns when the battery is nearing the end of its lifecycle and allows users to get maximum value from the hardware.

“Our new Omnii platform is the most technically advanced enterprise mobile computing environment we’ve developed so far. It builds on the success of our previous products, such as the Workabout family, and extends our commitment to developing highly adaptive, ingenious and open products that meet the widest possible array of mobile computing demands,” said Mike Doyle, Chief Technology Officer, Psion. “With Psion’s Omnii XT10, we’re starting a new and exciting journey to take advantage of an evolving abundance of niche applications for rugged mobile devices.”

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