Printronix Enhances Smart Forms Capability with Certification and Device Drivers

Posted September 15, 2010

Printronix has released several new SAP Smart Form device drivers, allowing SAP users to print to Printronix line matrix and thermal bar code printers easily. In addition, Printronix has attained the Silver level in the SAP® Printer Vendor Program. This accreditation certifies Printronix as a suppler of seamless and easy-to-use office solutions.

Maintaining continuous operations is a mission-critical part of production, and replacing print systems shouldn’t be a burden to the IT organization. The Printronix line matrix and thermal bar code printers combined with SAP Smart Forms, offer users a cost-effective, quick and sensible way to upgrade printers and have applications working properly in a very short time. The latest Smart Forms capability combined with the new Printronix drivers eliminates the need for additional programming during the replacement process.

The most common business output from an SAP system are forms and labels designed using Smart Forms, a graphic-based SAP tool for creating device-independent forms. The printer driver’s job is to translate the output commands generated by Smart Forms into commands that can be natively understood by the printer. Printronix bar code printer drivers are designed to carry out this translation and stream the output directly to the printer without requiring additional middleware applications. The result is a solid and robust printing system that requires little to no customization or ongoing maintenance.

The new drivers are available for download now on the Printronix website, by calling 1-800-665-6210 or by sending an e-mail to

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