Free Zebra ZXP Series 8 Card printer Enhancements

Posted June 7, 2010

Zebra ZXP Series 8New firmware and driver software for the Zebra ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer includes a number of enhancements:

Firmware V 1.22

  • Improved calibration for improved image placement
  • Improved magnetic stripe encoding ISO compliant
  • Reduction in flash when printing/transferring to a card
  • YMCKi ribbon support which also reduces the flash on the magnetic stripe and contact smart cards
  • Requires driver V1.02

Driver V 1.02

  • YMCKi ribbon support
  • Certified Microsoft® drivers for Windows® XP, Windows Vista® , Windows Server® 2003
  • Requires firmware V 1.22

Download the new firmware and driver

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