New Zebra RW 420 Print Station—Mobile Workers Carry Less, Do More

Posted June 7, 2010

The Zebra RW 420 Print Station builds on Zebra’s success in the mobile workforce market by further enhancing worker productivity and efficiency. This single, compact, lightweight and rugged mobile workforce tool integrates the RW 420 printer directly into the unit’s design, can house a removable Motorola MC70 or MC75 mobile computer, and enables both printer and handheld to be charged at once.

The RW 420 Route Palette continues to satisfy customers who prefer a fixed handle and both a removable printer and handheld terminal, the RW 420 Print Station (aka RW4-PS) expands Zebra’s offering to appeal to customers who prefer a smaller form factor and lower cost. Companies want to reduce strain on mobile workers who already have a lot to carry in their jobs. Now workers can carry less and do more.

Benefits for Companies Currently Using Separate Devices or Manual Processes

Ideal for route accounting, direct store delivery, field service/sales, and e-citation, the integrated solution makes mobile workers’ jobs easier and more productive, and helps businesses reduce operating costs.

  • Single unit is convenient for users to carry via shoulder or hand strap to customer visits, then cradle on their arms to enter data and print.
  • Simultaneous charging of printer and handheld computer via a single source eliminates the need to purchase separate chargers.
  • Only Zebra offers a complete solution, with a full suite of charging and mounting accessories that save space and simplify the charging process, including:
    • RW 420 Print Station Vehicle Cradle
    • RW 420 Print Station 4-Bay Charging Station for dock-and-go convenience
  • Easy to use:
    • Media is simple to load.
    • LCD indicators make it easy to view printer, charging and wireless status.
    • Built-in DEX interface (at no extra charge) enables easy integration in direct store delivery operations.
    • Long-life battery with “smart” monitoring allows proactive replacement, eliminating downtime in the field.
    • Optional integrated magnetic-stripe card reader simplifies transactions.
    • Customers have a choice of Bluetooth option or cable-free serial communication.

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