Two Options for Mobility: Mobile Devices and Mobilized Devices

Posted May 18, 2010

Why Mobility?

Without mobility, business processes are tied to a desk and paper is used to distribute information. A paper driven process requires data to be handled many times leading to inefficient use of time with a greater chance of costly errors.

Option 1: Mobile Devices

A business processes can be performed in a mobile environment using devices designed for mobile use, such as handheld computers or belt worn printers.

Option 2: Mobilized Devices

If you require:

  • High Volume Printing (over 100+ labels per day)
  • Thermal transfer labels
  • The use of a printer AND PC
  • A full LCD screen display

A Mobile Powered Cart by can provide the ideal solution.

A Mobile Powered Cart is designed to hold and power up to (4) pieces of existing hardware for 8 – 12 hours of normal use. (This enables “on-demand” label printing with a high-volume thermal printer.) The workstation or “Mobile Desk” is completely modular and can accommodate an LCD Screen holder, CPU holder, laptop holder, adjustable keyboard tray, barcode scanner holder and much more.

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