Lone Star College System automates asset management for big savings

Posted May 13, 2010

Wasp MobileAsset

Lost in the crowd

With over 70,000 students and employees, Lone Star College System (LSCS) owns and operates over 30,000 IT assets. Each of the community college’s five campuses and seven satellite centers was responsible for tracking its own equipment, including laptops, projectors, servers and switches. Many of the locations utilized Access databases or Excel spreadsheets for managing assets.

Relying on a manual asset tracking solution created multiple problems for technology managers and administration. Without a centralized database, it was difficult to locate specific IT assets.

The LSCS Vice Chancellor and CIO, Shah Ardalan, made having complete and accurate data a priority, and increased technology management accountability system-wide. An asset management solution was necessary to effectively track equipment lifecycles.

In the Summer of 2008, a project was established to transition all campuses to Wasp MobileAsset. “Tracking assets and equipment age across numerous campuses was arduous. We needed a standardized process that was simple to implement and would decrease the complexity of asset tracking and audits,” said Nishae Brooks, a system administrator for Lone Star College System.

Since many of the college’s campuses used different methods for tracking assets, consolidating the results of each location’s audit was time-consuming and prone to human error. When it was time to perform audits of IT assets, a team of one hundred technicians and student employees spent up to 3 months finding and documenting the location of equipment.

Finding a smarter way

Link Alander, LSCS’s Associate Vice Chancellor of Technology Services, led the search for a solution. Alander selected Wasp MobileAsset, a software package that automates the asset management process. MobileAsset helps customers who are ready to transition from static spreadsheets and paper-based methods of asset tracking, which provide little real support for busy IT managers.

After installing MobileAsset, the IT department developed a standardized naming convention for assets and locations. They then populated the software’s database with detailed information about each asset, including purchase date, price, purchase order and location. Assets are individually tagged using preprinted tags. When the barcode on a particular asset is scanned, users can immediately access relevant information – most importantly, location. Of even greater value is MobileAsset’s SQL foundation, which allows integration with LSCS’s ERP and Asset Management tools.

Multiplying big cost savings

In the search for a more efficient way to manage valuable IT assets, the college tried a competing software package before adopting the MobileAsset solution.

“The other software cost twice as much as Wasp, and was not the best match for our needs,” Brooks said.

Was MobileAsset enables the college to have a timely, accurate count of assets. The audit process is simple and efficient, requiring just three part-time student workers per location to conduct the audit.

“MobileAsset is ideal for our environment,” Brooks pointed out. “The software is easy to use and maintain, which is vital since many of our employees are students, and turnover is common. Wasp provides free online training, minimizing the learning curve and training preparation.”

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